Energetic Healing – How will it benefit you?


Illness is what affects all of us. There are two factors in any kind of illness – physical and spiritual. As such, there are several modes of treatment you can take help from. One of them is referred to as Energetic Healing. In essence, the energetic healing involves the use of other therapies in addition to the regular treatment you are going through.

Caring Energetic Healing is one of the renowned options that you can use if you are interested in Energetic Healing.

What is Energetic Healing?

Energetic Healing is a form of alternative medicine. Thus, it involves energizing the inner healing mechanism that our body has.

By definition, Energetic healing is a method of alternative or complementary medicine that helps the innate healing mechanism within our body and lets the body regain balance. However, if we strip the definition of the technical jargon, you should be able to understand the proper meaning. When we fall ill, our body systems fall out of balance. Thus, recovering balance is the essence of energetic healing.

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Under normal circumstances, energetic healing is performed in addition to the regular treatments prescribed by your physician. For instance – Reiki, Acupuncture, Chakra Balancing, and Sound therapy are some of the examples of Energetic Healing.

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Caring Energetic Healing – How does it help you?

Caring Energetic Healing is a name that has gained quite a popularity with respect to the concept of energetic healing. Founded by Lisa Ohtaras who is an expert Energetic Healer, the service works on complementary therapies.

The treatment modalities used by Lisa include

  • Reiki – Reiki helps you with stress reduction and relaxation. Moreover, it helps in restoring the flow of positive energy. However, Reiki needs to be performed by a Reiki Master.
  • Crystal Therapy – Each of the different crystals used in crystal therapy have different healing properties. Thus, some of the benefits that crystals have on human well-being are balancing the energy in the body, improving the health, and treating emotions.
  • Energy Clearing – Energy Clearing involves cleansing the ancestral blockages, karmic imbalance, and releasing blocked energy. The results may vary from person to person.
  • Angelic healing – This helps you in improving the effect of divine influences and helps in achieving enhanced consciousness.

In any case, a well-balanced combination of all these modalities together can be a good option. However, please note that we do not suggest taking help from complementary medicines alone.


Caring Energetic Healing has two different pricing plans. You can choose the one that suits you.
60 Minutes Plan
The plan will cost you $ 150 AUD. This plan will let you have any one of the followings options

  • Energetic Healing Session
  • Angelic intuitive guidance session
  • Spiritual education session

90 Minutes Plan
This plan will cost you $ 220 AUD. You have the following options (any one of them) –

  • Energetic Healing Session
  • Angelic intuitive guidance session
  • Spiritual education session

You can choose any of these plans. Moreover, there is support for multiple modes of payments. You can opt for any of them. If you are interested, you can get in touch to make an inquiry at this link.

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The Final Thoughts

The Caring Energetic Healing is a great way to heal yourself and effectively regain positive energy. However, please note we would stress the need to use energetic healing as complementary medicine techniques. Thus, we do not advocate using them as an alternative to traditional treatments. You should also note that healing modalities can produce different results in different persons. Therefore, customer discretion is requested in these matters.

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If you believe complementary medicine techniques are worth trying, you can move on to it. Do share your views and opinions with us. We will be glad to check out your feedback.

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