How to prepare for the employment background check


In today’s job market, most employees have started to perform background checks on their candidates before deciding who to hire. Checking into the past of a prospective employee is now a popular practice among HR professionals. It helps them determine whether or not the candidate might be a problematic employee in the future and if they are suitable to integrate into the company culture.

When applying for a job, you may feel tempted to pose into the best candidate even if that may imply lying to the interviewer. However, it may not be a good idea to slip a little lie which you believe will remain undetected by the interviewer. Since most employers run a background check on the prospective employees when the truth will be revealed you will most likely lose the job opportunity.

Looking for a job

Job hunting is difficult, you need to prepare a top-notch CV, schedule and attend lots of interviews, and do your best to impress the interviewer. However, if you fail to understand how big of an impact a background check may have on your chances to get hired, things can be even more difficult for you. Here’s everything you need to know about this type of checks and how to be well prepared to pass them:

What information a background check reveals?

The most efficient method to be prepared for passing a background check is to know right from the beginning what information the employer will find out about you. Knowing what information will the check reveal will help you be more considerate about exaggerating your professional experience or about hiding a mistake you made in the past. Here is the type of information the employers may see when performing a background check on you

  • Professional history – One of the most important criteria an employer uses to determine the best candidate is their professional experience. If you have been working in the same industry for a long time, you are very likely to be a skilled and valuable employee. However, when performing a background check, the employer will try to discover whether or not you were a problematic employee at your last jobs. They will try to find out the reasons why you have left your previous jobs in order to determine if you are a trustworthy prospective employee.
  • Driving record – Depending on the type of job you apply to, your driving record may be very relevant information for the employer. For example, if you are applying for a truck driver position, having a clean driving record is essential. The employer will want to ensure that you don’t have bad driving habits such as driving under the influence of alcohol or not respecting the traffic laws and regulations.
  • Criminal record – Although it is illegal to discriminate a prospective employee based on their criminal record, many employers tend to do so. A criminal record may be showing a mistake you have made in the past and doesn’t necessarily reflect who you are at the present moment or how skilled you are at your job. However, it may show that your type of personality or habits don’t suit what the employer expects from an employee.
  • Credit reports – If you are applying for a job position that involves financial responsibility and tasks, you should be sure that the employer will try to find your credit reports. Failing to take care of your personal finances might be a red button for the employer who will most likely won’t agree to trust you with the finances of their company.
  • Educational background – Your educational background is another important aspect for employers because it can determine how well-prepared you are to bring real value to their company. If the background check reveals that you have been studying at a top university known for preparing their students very well, it is more likely for the employer to consider you one of the best prospective employees.
  • Social media posts – In today’s digital world, what you post on your social media accounts can play a huge role in your chances of getting a job. Most employers tend to check the social media accounts of their current or prospective employees to determine whether or not they have controversial posts and opinions which may affect the company’s reputation.

How to be prepared for a background check?

Increasing your chances of passing a background check should be one of your top priorities when you are job hunting. First of all, taking into consideration all the information the employer might discover about you, don’t lie about any of the details they will search for. Your lie will eventually be revealed and this can certainly lead to a refusal from the employer.

Secondly, it is also advisable that you run a background check on yourself and determine whether or not the information the employer might discover is accurate. If you spot any mistake or error, you must be prepared to prove the employer the contrary.

Should you perform a background check on your employer?

Absolutely! Your employer shouldn’t be the only one digging into the past to determine whether or not your future collaboration will be a successful one. It is also your responsibility to know who you will be working for before accepting a job offer. Performing a free background check on the employer can also help you determine if you can trust them during your long-term collaboration.

There are many ways to find out more information about the person you will be working for. For example, you can look at job posting websites and search for the reviews of the other current or past employees. their experience with the employer may be different than what you will experience. however, it can be a great way to find out some relevant insights. For example, if the reviews reveal that the employer often fails to give the paychecks as agreed, that can be a red button that should tell you a lot about your future as an employee into that company.

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Job hunting can be overwhelming and employment background checks can be really scary. However, if you are well prepared to use all the information to your advantage, your chances of passing the background check will certainly be higher.