Emotion Detecting Tech: What Is It? Why It Should Be Banned?


Human emotions are natural and it is expressed through facial expressions along with verbal expression. These two things are automatic. Its computational methodology has also been developed in recent days. Emotion is a major topic in the study of Psychology. The Emotion Detecting Tech classified into three major categories.

  • Body movement and Gestures
  • Speeches
  • Expressions

Now a day, these are processed through technology use. The technology involves three methods and that are Bayesian networks, Mixture model and Hidden Markov models. All three models analyze the facial expression, gestures and emotive speech.

Techniques Used In Emotions Detecting Tech

Different emotions are detected through the integration of expression of text audio or video of a person. And, the process carried out for detection is called the Emotive Internet. The Emotive Internet catches the knowledge-based technique, statistical method, and hybrid approaches.

1. Knowledge-based Technique

Under this approach, the domain knowledge approach is utilized to detect emotion types. One of the advantages of this approach is the accessibility and huge availability of the resource. However, there are limitations to use this technique; just like that, it is unable to detect the concept nascence and complex linguistic rules. This approach is applied through a dictionary search for synonyms and antonyms application and tries to measure the emotion of human beings.

2. Hybrid Approaches

Hybrid approaches make a list of the opinion of emotional words and expand the database to find other similar words with context-specific matters. It has great difficulty in the measurement of emotions of the human being as words in one domain can have a different meaning in other domains.

3. Statistical methods

Corpus-based approaches generally involve different machine learning algorithms. By through, a wide and large set of annotated data is fed into the system to predict the right emotion types. The statistical method is more superior to the other two methods. It has greater classification accuracy than the other two approaches.

4. Other Methods

In addition to the three methods, there are various other emotion detecting tech methods for the measurement of emotions of a human being. The technology is so fast running, inventions became inevitable and it’s happening more frequently. Meanwhile, technological innovations includes SMV (support vector method), Maximum entropy, deep learning, and many others.

Why Emotion Detecting Tech Should Restricted By Law?

A research center has urged to restrict the use of AI learning of emotions to the various governments throughout the world through its research. The Institute has named the research as “Build in the markedly shaky foundation”. The emotion detection AI-based system is against humankind’s behavior. Although the use of machine learning can easily detect the criminals’ activity and their confession. It is just like a Narco test. Meanwhile, Narco Test is forbidden in many countries and without prior Judiciary permission.

The institute issued a ban on the software that affects people’s lives to determine their access to opportunities. If it not banned immediately, job seekers will find more difficult to find suitable jobs. The US-based Institute has all support from the UK based organizations. Owing to that, voicing their protest over the use of this software on humans as it is against the natural laws. The organization, which works for human rights, has also come forward with its support for the Organizations view. 

Studies On Emotion Detecting Tech

The research paper carried by various experts’, talks over the growth of this AI technology and its benefits. In that, the experts have mentioned lesser harmful effects of the AI technology on the human being. In its Annual General report, it has mentioned as “If you will, our inner-emotional states by interpreting the micro-expressions on our face, the tone of our voice or even the way that we walk“. Also, “Currently the software usages are seen commonly everywhere. On hiring employees, to assessing patient pain, and tracking which students paying attention in class.” 

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The studies also pointed as “It is the right time to roll out this technology and to safeguard human privacy. Similarly, large numbers of studies are showing that there is no substantial evidence. Meanwhile, people have this consistent relationship between the emotion that you are feeling and the way that your face looks.”

The laws

No country has so far made any ban on their laws regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence and emotion detecting tech. However, when the question of the use of Artificial Intelligence and its bad use on human being is concerned there is a partial restriction in many countries including India. In India, the use of the Narco Test allowed but it is subject to judicial permission. Similarly, different countries like the UK, the USA, Australia, and many other countries in the world.

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No machines or any organizations permitted to carry this work to watch the use of Artificial Intelligence on human beings and their effect. Human rights activists throughout the world have carried on the protest by the organizations over the issue. However, no concrete law so far made by any country to ban this irrational event.

AI Tech Used By Companies

There are many countries in the world where profit-making companies use this technology in their recruitment process amid huge protests. The companies using this technology suffice that this technology used for the proper search for perfect recruitment. The use of this technology easily catches the micro-level deficiency of job seekers. Since there is no concrete law in this respect, its free to use emotion-detecting tech by the companies.

Voice From Media Against Emotion Detecting Tech

The BBC has come out with a recent article publication criticizing the use of AI on a human being. Also against the testing process of emotion detecting tech on humans. However, no other media has so far published any such Editorial or article related to it. The issue is controversial and needs immediate attention to different media.

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The emotion of the human being is a biological process and natural. It can measure through a different process. Now, through artificial intelligence software on emotion detecting tech, it can measure the use of the different styles of human. AI uses three board-based approaches. There are no permanent laws to ban the process of using AI  over humans. But Human Rights organizations have taken these issues in their hand and starts protesting. The issue is controversial. It has both merits and demerits. It is on our hands to pick the right tech and leave the unnatural thing.