Email Marketing Trends in 2018


Online marketing is easy to manage. Each passing year brings in new concepts with it and keeping up with them is indeed a huge challenge in itself. Of course, considered a good number of trends emerge and keeping in touch with the best trends and implementing them is not that easy.

That holds true for Email marketing as well, which are the most profitable trends in 2018 when it comes to Email marketing? We will analyze the trends and discuss their importance.

Best Email Marketing Trends in 2018

Emails have been one of the best and preferred communication media for the online marketers to keep in touch with their customers and clients. In fact, it would continue to be one of the best options for the purpose. Needless to say, the communication medium has remained an efficient option for over four decades and it truly explains its ability.

When it comes to implementing the trends and strategies, it is quite hard to zero in on the best trends and make use of them. By the time you analyze and decide to implement them, they grow old and new trends appear.

That is exactly why set on a journey to list out the best trends and strategies for you so that you will begin implementing them right away.

Content-Centered on Personalisation

Well, personalization is what we have been into since long. However, the concept has reached a new high in 2018. Personalisation based on lists and customer segregation is the key to an effective email marketing campaign.

Have a complete understanding of the customer profile before initiating a communication with them. The kind of mass emails you used to send before will not interest your customers anymore and are bound to result in a huge unsubscribe rate. Make your customer lists based on demographics, interests, and several other personal information that you gather about your customers. This will help you send relevant information to the clients completely based on their interests.

This can enhance the relationship shared with the client. They will feel special because they are getting offers on what interests them the most. You will stand to earn respect as you would be seen as a company focussing on individualized attention.

Artificial Intelligence

2017 was the year that began the trend of AI. The concept will only get bigger in 2018. Email marketing giants like SendPulse have understood the importance and have rightly implemented it in their products.

The current trends have an emphasis on machine learning and AI that helps you use it effectively to understand the way the clients interact with the email. AI helps you track it which would otherwise be not possible in a traditional manner.

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AI is making an emerging role in the Email marketing zone, but SendPulse has been keeping up with the trends and implementing the benefits for its customers. AI works as a great option in following up unopened emails. If any of your customers do not open an email the first time it is sent, AI will resend it with a change in subject line and the content. Studies have indicated that the AI implementation achieves more than 90 percent better results in comparison to the manual intervention.

The Artificial Intelligence implementation by SendPulse and similar other email marketing solutions provide you an automation alternative in helping you in the segmentation and personalization in an effective manner. SendPulse, for instance, uses the concept of AI for unopened emails for its customers and lets its users explore the benefits of AI in email campaigns.

Interactivity of Emails

Emails in earlier days used to provide information about the products and services alone. However, 2018 is all about interactivity. More and more email marketers now want their emails to be interactive. If you want your email marketing campaigns to prosper and be effective, stay away from plain text for your emails.

The interactive nature of your emails boosts the performance and enhances the engagement levels. If your customers can perform a few tasks from within the inbox, it could be the right direction for the better conversion rates. The interactivity has been found to improve the conversion at least by 2 percent.

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If you are into the online marketplace, the interaction options within the email message can be the options to be able to place orders, or tracking them, customizing orders or adding further information  all this without having to leave the inbox  is what would work towards enhancing the email performance.

You can make your content interactive in more than one way GIFs, timers, videos, surveys and navigation bars are just a few of the methods you can use for the purpose.


Well, the chatbots are not quite new in the arena of internet functioning. But, it is only in recent times that the concept has found application in email marketing. The chatbots are the digital agents that that would help you let your clients engage in high-performance unobstructed conversations between the company and the clients.

The chatbots added to the mailbox can go a long way in providing a great business opportunity both for users and business owners. If you are into email marketing, it can provide you an excellent option to provide your clients with a personalized experience. As a customer, you stand to get a personal assistant who would be able to answer all your questions with ease.

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We would definitely expect the chatbots to gain much importance and acceptance in 2018. A proper implementation of the chatbots technology would be helpful for a better customer relationship.

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Concluding Thoughts

Well, the technology has already moved ahead with a new breed of techniques and concepts. We would expect 2018 to take it ahead. The trends we featured above should indeed go a long way in letting you establishing a better customer relationship.

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In fact, Artificial Intelligence and chatbots should be the newer concepts and as such, we would advise you to implement these techniques as early as would be possible because technology is an arena that grows obsolete within months. If you are late in implementing the new developments and trends, it would be too late by the time you realize it.