2020 ecobee vs nest Complete Guide for Shoppers


When it concerns wise thermostats, ecobee and also Nest thermostats are two of the reigning champions. Both ecobee and also Nest thermostats are incredibly practical and value for money smart thermostats. What sets them and all various other smart thermostats on the market is remote sensing units.

ecobee and Nest are the most significant smart thermostats also in regard to market share. ecobee was the first firm to bring intelligent thermostats to the marketplace back in 2009. It is currently on course to reach $1 billion in sales, with its incomes doubling yearly. ecobee currently holds 30% of the market share in smart thermostats in North America. Nest, in comparison, presented intelligent thermostats to the marketplace in 2011; however, it gradually increased its market share, making it the existing market leader.

As such, every space in your house does not have to be managed by the temperature analysis of your existing thermostat area. Instead, you can place remote sensors throughout your home to control different spaces according to their temperature level. Besides the accessibility of remote sensors, many other aspects develop ecobee and Nest as the two ideal smart thermostat brand names on the market.

Ecobee and Nest are the biggest intelligent thermostats in the marketplace. They’re exceptionally progressed, likewise valued, and also, they look streamlined. So which smart thermostat should you buy? In this write-up, we discuss the features of all the ecobee and Nest thermostats, their resemblances, and their distinctions. This contrast will undoubtedly help you decide which is the most effective smart thermostat for you.

ecobee5 with Voice Control

ecobee smart thermostat with Voice Control, also known as ecobee5, is presently one of the most innovative ecobee intelligent thermostats on the market. The most significant renovation over the previously mentioned ecobee4 is that this thermostat has a far better Alexa audio speaker, and it works with Spotify.

Just like all the various other ecobee gadgets, the ecobee5 likewise features some excellent remote sensing units. It’s also worth keeping in mind that ecobee5 is compatible with WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, while the previous generations were just suitable with 2.4 GHz.

The primary problem with ecobee4 was that it didn’t work as a complete substitute for an Alexa smart audio speaker. ecobee5 remedies by integrating a compelling speaker and the full suite of Alexa creative audio speaker attributes like Alexa calling, messaging, and drop-in. Therefore, ecobee5 is a reliable clever thermostat while also being a substitute for a traditional Alexa audio speaker.

ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

You can manage this smart thermostat remotely, through the 3.5″ touchscreen screen, or using voice commands. You can also use it to read the news and perform various other smart gadget features. Having claimed that, ecobee4 disappoints being a total replacement for an Alexa intelligent audio speaker. Its inner audio speaker is extremely weak as well as it does not have numerous core Alexa functions like Alexa calling, messaging, or drop-in.

ecobee4 Smart Thermostat is a Wi-fi thermostat that features built-in room sensors and an inbuilt Alexa. Thus, this smart thermostat carries out all the standard features of thermostats– from another location managing temperature, establishing schedules, etc. while also operating as an Alexa gadget.

This thermostat is also suitable for room sensors, enabling it to control the temperature level in various areas according to occupancy. It likewise uses external weather condition data and advanced sensing to enhance the temperature and help save power prices.

ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

It is a WiFi thermostat that applies remote sensors to detect your motion and presence around your home. These small sensing units are beneficial because they can control the temperature levels in presently inhabited rooms. Furthermore, remote sensing units can additionally determine when you’re away from the house, readjusting the temperature level and conserving power as necessary.

ecobee3 also learns your timetables and even routines to make wise temperature modifications according to your preference eventually. This makes sure that you’re always comfortable in your house without needing to manage the temperature level regularly, and also it likewise preserved energy.

The ecobee3 control panel additionally offers info like the current temperature level, just how the temperature level has actually been adjusted, and how much energy you have even taken in or conserved.

Nest Thermostat E

Nest Thermostat E is Google’s attempt to generate a less costly and also more minimal intelligent thermostat. Even though this smart thermostat followed the Nest above Learning Thermostat, it’s extra restricted in its functions. It has a smaller sized screen, doesn’t have Farsight technology, has just one shade, and is compatible with fewer heating and cooling systems.

Nonetheless, Nest Thermostat E retains the algorithmic knowing attribute with which it can also find out and remember your timetables and even patterns of use. Thus, after using it a while, you can quit changing the thermostat entirely because it will automatically choose the perfect temperature settings according to the weather condition, preference, time, and optimum power use.

Nest Learning 3rd GenerationThermostat

Nest Understanding Thermostat 3rd Generation was one of the initial smart thermostats to introduce the algorithmic learning attribute. This is a unique feature with which the thermostat progressively discovers all of your behaviors, schedules, regimens, and patterns. Adhering to that, the thermostat handles your home’s temperature settings according to your choice without you having to manage it. Additionally, the extra you utilize it, the smarter it comes to be.

It also has a Farsight feature with which the thermostat automatically cheers up when it identifies your presence. Because of this, you can check out the thermostat from a range without having to approach it. However, this thermostat doesn’t have voice control functions, so you need to control it only through the app.

ecobee vs. Nest: Installation Overview


If you don’t have a c-wire in your heating and cooling unit, you might need to go through a workaround described as power stealing. This is a technique in which the thermostat’s battery is charged by running the HVAC follower. However, you ought to avoid this workaround since it can harm your electrical system or thermostat.

Equally as holds with ecobee thermostats, Nest thermostats can easily be set up if you have a c-wire heating and cooling system. Nevertheless, as previously stated, c-wires aren’t usually readily available in older heating and cooling systems.

Ideally, if you do not have a c-wire, you need to buy an add-a-wire package to mount the c-wire right into your heating and cooling system. This will certainly protect your Nest thermostat and avoid potential damages down the line.


ecobee thermostats are simplest to set up with c-wire, likewise referred to as a standard wire. C-wires offer a constant flow of power to your thermostat, and they’re usually just discovered in brand-new HVAC systems.

Installing an ecobee thermostat will certainly be most convenient if you have a c-wire in your existing A/C configuration. If you do not have a c-wire, you’ll have to go with a somewhat prolonged workaround. Thus, if you don’t have a c-wire, comply with the instructions to mount the PEK– you’ll have to attach a couple of cables to your control panel. Once you do that, you can connect your ecobee thermostat.

ecobee vs. Nest: Design Overview


The Nest Discovering Thermostat is available in multiple shade options– Polished Steel, Mirror Black, Brass, Stainless Steel, White, Black, as well as Copper. As such, you can get the color that matches the finest to the color of your wall surface. The current Nest Thermostat E is only offered in one shade– White. Both Nest thermostats feature touchscreens with which you can regulate the base unit.

The Nest smart thermostats are round with a stainless-steel external ring and a glass screen. They’re significantly much more massive than the ecobee thermostats despite having a smaller screen size.


The ecobee wise thermostats can be found in a black plastic body with a glass screen. All of them have a screen size of 3.5″, making them substantially more extensive than the Nest thermostats. The touchscreens can be utilized to manage the thermostats from the base unit also.

Its layout is motivated by the rectangular programmable thermostats of the past years. Their update on the design leaves the ecobee smart thermostats looking like massive rectangle-shaped smartwatches with rounded edges.

ecobee vs. Nest: Overview of energy saving


The Nest data record system documents and also examines your heating and cooling system’s information for only ten days. The analysis regularly recorded when your system was either turned on/off, or temperature level was transformed within the 10-days duration.

Nest likewise sends out monthly records of your energy usage via e-mail. The recap allows you to compare your current power usage with your energy use from past months. You can likewise compare your power usage to those of other Nest customers. However, the evaluation is superficial as well as doing not have thoroughly.

One of the most ingenious energy-saving attributes of the Nest thermostats is the visibility of the environment-friendly leaf. Whenever you establish temperature settings that conserve your power based upon the previous use, you’ll be rewarded with a fallen green leave that indicates your extra energy-efficient than in the past. While it does not supply more details, achieving the environment-friendly fallen rest might be reward enough to lower your energy use. Also, evaluating charts and energy information is complicated and lengthy– the nonprofessional is much more likely to use the simple leaf symbol as an indication of their cost savings.

According to surveys accumulated from proprietors of Nest thermostats in 41 states, the average Nest thermostat individual conserves 10% to 12% on their home heating expenses as well as 15% on their cooling costs.


The ecobee data report system documents as well as evaluate your heating and cooling system’s data for 18 months. It tape-records all of the information from your clever thermostats and remote sensing units. ecobee supplies an exceptionally thorough evaluation tool called Residence IQ, which you can access from the internet console.

Home intelligence provides you access to a large range of energy surveillance features like System Display, Home Effectiveness, and Weather Condition Effect. With System Screen, you can examine your A/C use throughout different periods. With Residence Effectiveness, you can examine your energy use and compare it to those of others in your location. With Weather condition Impact, you can analyze how your A/C and also energy respond to the transforming local weather condition.

Ecobee Vs. Nest: Schedule Overview


Nest has among one of the most innovative organizing functions in the thermostat market– Mathematical Knowing.

When you initially acquire the Nest thermostat, it sets up a standard timetable based on a few assumptions about you. You can readjust the temperature level by using the app whenever you feel either also warm or too cold. Every single time you make such adjustments, the Nest thermostat will tape-record it.

After roughly two weeks, having recorded several such adjustments, the thermostat would certainly have learned your routine and temperature choices. This will undoubtedly allow it to produce a schedule that fits your pattern flawlessly without needing to by hand get in the timetable.

Moreover, the discovering procedure never ends, and also the Nest thermostat will continue videotaping every one of your changes to continue tweaking the routine. Therefore, you never need to develop a schedule since the Nest thermostat will continuously adjust and alter your current choices.

If you do not, such as the algorithmic learning feature, you can turn it off and establish a traditional routine with several settings, days, times, and temperatures.


ecobee thermostats have a typical organizing system. You have to set up Home, Away manually, and Sleeping settings to designate when you are away, residence and awake, or home and sleeping. You additionally need to establish temperatures for particular times across the week following your House, Away, as well as Sleeping settings.

You can set these routines from your thermostat, mobile phone app, or internet console. Once you have established the way, it will undoubtedly continue with that routine until you manually transform it. If you have a very fixed regimen, this is an excellent means to establish schedules.

eco bee vs. Nest: Overview of zone control


Ever since ecobee3 introduced remote sensing units, Nest users have been moving their allegiance steadily. To stop that, Nest recently launched its own set of remote sensors to control the temperature in various areas of your house.

The Nest remote sensing units resemble the ecobee remote sensors but with one significant difference– they can videotape the temperature level and not movement or occupancy. When you place Nest remote sensing units in different parts of your residence, they send temperature-level data to the thermostat to optimize the other rooms’ temperature levels.

Nonetheless, Nest remote sensing units don’t send out movement information, which means there’s no occupancy information. Therefore, Nest thermostats can’t identify which spaces are occupied or empty. They may also proceed with heating or cooling rooms when they’re unoccupied, which makes them much less power reliable.


Smart thermostats respond to the exterior temperature level to maintain the ideal temperature according to your preference. Nevertheless, the temperature of the location where the thermostat is set up may vary from where you invest your time. If the thermostat is close to an open door, it might register lower temperatures due to cold drafts. As well as if it’s indirect sunshine, it might record higher temperatures.

ecobee fixes this issue with its remote sensors. You can set up these remote sensors in various rooms. They send temperature levels and movement info to the ecobee thermostat. Because of this, the thermostat understands precisely where you are at perpetuity so it can change the temperature in the essential rooms. This ensures that your space always has the optimum temperature level while preserving energy because the A/C unit doesn’t feel neat or warm extra rooms.

Each ecobee thermostat features one remote sensing unit. Nonetheless, you can purchase extra small sensing units in packs of 2 individually.

Top Benefits of a thermostat

Track Energy Use: Smart thermostats use in-depth power use reports to analyze how your energy use has altered in time and what you can do to lower energy expenses.

Energy Cost savings: With intelligent thermostats, you can arrange your heating and cooling to shut off automatically. You can likewise put them to start up a few minutes before your family members return residence. This makes sure that your home is continuously comfy without adding your energy expenses.

Remote: You can from another location control your heating and cooling unit from anywhere in the globe.

Smart learning: Advanced intelligent thermostats also learn your timetables and routines over time. Therefore, the thermostat automatically regulates its settings to make sure you’re always comfortable while decreasing power prices.

Simple Setup: Smart thermostats are very simple to set up. You merely need to remove your thermostat’s cover and also examine if you have a C-wire. If so, you can manually mount wise thermostats without exterior assistance.

Alerts: Some smart thermostats send out e-mail informs whenever your house’s temperature dips below or rises above a pre-established array.

Monitoring: With the smart thermostat application, you can examine if the warm is running and your residence’s present temperature level remotely.

Final Words

Both ecobee as well as Nest supply brilliant thermostats. There’s no obvious way to determine which of them is somewhat better since different people have different preferences.


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