Top 5 Best and Easy Ways to Download Large Files In 2021


Easy Ways to Download Large Files:- Whenever you have wanted to store large files over the Internet from different source. Like your internal storage or on the cloud storage provided by various software companies do come with certain limitations

It can be disappointing if the problem occurs more often if the internet connection turns out to be too weak. You may want to resume the download where you left it if you had to leave your workspace for any other important tasks.

This is the biggest advantage of download managers you can turn on the download process from where you left behind before turning off your PC.

Best Ways To Download Large Files from Internet

In this article, we are going through some of the best torrent sites, web browsers, and download managers that you can use to download large files to your PC.

Before discussing the download managers, let us go through the system requirements for these managers.

  1. There must be a free version of the application available for trial purposes before proceeding on to the full version of the application.
  2. The latest update of the manager cannot be longer than two years
  3. The download manager must be able to support the resume.
  4. Most important must be able to support the most used operating system -Windows.

Best Ways To Download Large Files

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers apart from Google Chrome, of course, that can be used for downloading large files. The advantage of this web browser over the others is that this browser provides twice the loading and downloading speed of the conventional browsers. This browser can be used across all different OS platforms such as Mac, Window, Linux, android and other mobile platforms.

The Mozilla Firefox is a very powerful search engine that can download files twice as faster than its closest competitor -Google Chrome. This works perfectly when you want to obtain very high-quality video files and games.

Other important features include multilingual support, private surfing, lightweight search engine and many more. As this is an open-source web browser, therefore it is available to all supported operating systems for free of cost.



FlashGet Download manager does not ship with any of the browser extensions but this checks the Windows clipboard for file links and will assemble them automatically. So that you can add large files for download easily.

The other features of this download manager include support for multiple downloads threads, authentication for download and options to categorize download.

The download manager can be used to push-resume the broken downloads, provided the server also supports the same feature from where the content will be downloaded. The other features of this download manager includes-traffic limits, BitTorrent and Emule support and also download acceleration.

The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay

It is one of the most popular torrent sites that was founded back in 2003 that has an online index of digital content of entertainment, that can be used by the visitors to search, download and contribute download files.

Using this program, you can take advantage of the peer-to-peer file sharing amongst those under the BitTorrent file protocol. ITs contents include-movies, music, TV shows, games, and software. It is however banned in several countries due to its pirated contents.

KickAss Torrents


This is a new website compared to the namesake Kickass Torrents, which was started by some of the former Kickass Torrents staff members. The difference between the two is that the new version of the website does have a fresh new database that is much more secure than the original version.

The user interface of the website is the same as the original. This version of KAT has retained most, if not all of the content from the original KAT. This is because they were not given access to the original KAT code.

Similar to Pirate Bay described above its contents also include anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, and software. It is only available across certain ISPs only.


Easy Ways to Download Large Files

This is a Linux based download manager that is also available as a Windows build. This download manager supports clipboard monitoring, which is responsible for picking up files automatically. There is a download dialog box that appears beforehand. From here, you can change the downloading process as you like.

For instance, you can select the number of retries, you can. Beer change the number of connections per server /limit the download speed. The other distinctive features include command-line features, traffic limits and also download acceleration.


There is no definitive answer about which is the best method among the lot, to download large files. But you can try out each of them individually and check out which of these works out well for you.

Another note for a web browser like Mozilla Firefox, download managers are generally integrated with web browsers. So you can get the feature of download managers solely from the web browsers. Itself and you don’t need to download the manager separately.


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