Droid turbo 2 is a new launch by Motorola and Verizon Wireless. This new device has been launched under the log running partnership project known as “Droid”. This new device is set to launch for only 2 days. The payment plan for this device is made available by Verizon.

Plan to Purchase

One can get 32 GB version at $26 per month and for 64 GB version, one has to pay $30 per month for 24 months. This new device looks the same as Moto X from the external part.


This new device is on the top sell today and Motorola described this phone as “Shatterproof”. As per Motorola, they are working over the fragile nature of the smartphone. This is one most important concerns for the customers. This new device is branded with ShatterShield technology. This new device is well equipped with AMOLED display which adds durability to the device. Droid Turbo 2 is powered with an awesome Snapdragon 810 processor and the company is claiming that the battery lasts long for 48 hours.

Buy Droid Turbo 2

As rumored, this new Droid Turbo 2 will also be sold by Moto Maker customization tool. Using this tool one can easily customize their Droid Turbo 2 easily. As we have seen before, one can easily use this phone for about 2 years after the purchase and won’t create any fuzz to the users. Verizon is very serious towards their products and services and so they have decided to give Lollipop as the android version and further update to lollipop will also be made available.


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