Immediate Guide to How to download Vimeo videos?


Download Vimeo videos: Vimeo has always been one of the most preferred video streaming services and has been known to produce movie styled videos. In fact, the videos available on Vimeo can be one of the excellent options when you compare it with YouTube.

How about a scenario where you are looking to download the videos from Vimeo so that they will not be lost? There are several options you can opt for in terms of how to download Vimeo videos. Let us check out the options to download Vimeo videos.

How to download Vimeo videos?

Well, some of the videos let you download the videos using the in-built download buttons. However, this is what the content creator needs to focus on. Unless the content creator has enabled the feature, you will never get access to it.

In case the creator does not want you to download the videos, there are several other options to let you download the videos.

The best steps that would help you achieve the task would be –

  • Launch Vimeo and then copy the video URL link.
  • If you are on the Vimeo app, tap on the three dots beside the video. From the context options available, tap on Share
  • On your favorite web browser, visit the site
  • Paste the link you just copied in the space provided.

download Vimeo videos

  • Choose the format for the downloaded video.
  • Click on START and you are done.

The video will be downloaded onto your device. Save it where you would want to.

The service also works with a host of video sharing services such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and VK.

While we have suggested one of the options of a third-party tool for downloading the Vimeo video, you can pick any of your preferred alternatives to pick the one that best meets your needs. The procedure would remain almost similar.

How to download private Vimeo videos?

Vimeo does host a few private videos that can only be accessed through password authentication. You can not download them with any software or tool directly.

These videos are copyright protected, and thus you would find them providing access to enhanced encryption. There are a few options that can be useful if you are looking to download Vimeo private video. You can have a few options to bypass authentication and download Vimeo videos.

Here are a few options that can be helpful enough.

Download Vimeo videos through iTube?

iTube is one of the excellent options to download Vimeo private video. Available on both Windows and Mac, it should be a few good options for downloading your Vimeo private videos. If you are wondering how to download private Vimeo videos, this tool can be a good alternative.

Here are the steps you can use to download Vimeo private video-

  • Download and install iTube
  • Launch the tool and click on the Lock icon. This activates the Private.

download Vimeo videos

  • Copy the URL for the video from the Vimeo app or Vimeo web portal.
  • Past the link in the space provided.

The rest of the tasks are handled by the iTube application. You will find the video downloaded onto your device.

What if you are looking to download audio alone from the Vimeo video and not the entire video? Well, iTube also lets you opt for audio extraction. If you are unaware, audio extraction refers to the process of downloading the audio from a video. This can prove to be of practical use if you have a Vimeo video that has movie songs and another kind of music. The method can prove to be extensively useful in getting access to audio options when they are nowhere available in the audio format, and the only alternative is in the video format of the content. An excellent example in this context can be a recording of a concert or similar other cultural events.

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The Downloaded Tab on the iTube application can be a great option to find your videos.

How to download Vimeo videos to iPhone?

Well, you can definitely use the option for downloading the videos on your iPhone from Vimeo by following the methods explained in the above discussion. You can indeed download the videos without issues if the creator has enabled the download options for the videos.

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If the download options are not available for the video or the video is configured as a Private video, you may need to check out the options for third-party applications.

Can you download Vimeo videos on iPhone? Well, yes. One such good option can be MobiMover. Coming from the house of EaseUS, it can work with both Mac and Windows. Yet another excellent option that can be extremely helpful can include iMyFone D-Back.

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The iMyFone D-Back is a great tool that can help you download the videos from iTunes backup or iCloud backup with ease and simplicity. Of course, you can definitely check the other options available for downloading and viewing the video without much hassles of any nature.

A word of caution

Do note that Vimeo does not let you download the videos and it may be illegal unless the creator of the video has allowed the download options. If you are downloading too many of the Vimeo videos, make sure that you are careful enough.

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Check out the guidelines and exercise caution when downloading the videos from Vimeo.

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In Conclusion

Well, Vimeo does offer you plenty of choices and options to view realistic and extremely cinema-like videos on your phone or other devices. One of the most popular video sharing services, Vimeo has been growing in popularity and has become a prime option in every respect for video streaming.

The methods described above should ideally help you download Vimeo videos with much simplicity. In fact, the tips here would also be a great option to download Vimeo private video as well. That would mean no matter which platform or operating system you are on or which kind of Vimeo videos you are trying to download, you should be able to find the videos right away.