Websites to Download Paid PC Games


Download Paid PC Games: Have you exhausted all the games you have and looking to find a new exciting game to play? Well, as you may well know, games are not the cheapest things you can find: good games come at a price. Do not despair; you can still add games to your list without having to part with a week’s paycheck. Some websites can allow you to download paid games free of charge! The beauty of it is that you will not have to go black market about it. These will be legal downloads.

For you to enjoy your gaming experience, everything has to be quality. That goes all the way from using the Evo gaming desk to playing high-quality games. Here is a list of sites that can help you with that.

My Abandonware

If you are looking for retro games, then this is the place to be. What is in for you as an esteemed gamer? Well, you are talking about over 14000 games at your disposal. The sites hosts games that have been disposed of by their developers. You will be spoilt of legendary games like Need For Speed, The Incredible Machine and Lemmings to mention a few. Well, downloading them is also a piece of cake. No registration is required and finding the games is also effortless. Make your way to this site for the most amazing games!

Reddit’s Free games subreddit

Not that the websites have subwebs specifically dedicated to giving out free games. All you need to do with this is bookmark it for you to be alerted on the availability of free games. Well, it is the best place to connect with the gaming community. The site offers you much more than free games. Give it a shot.


Steamgifts is yet another website that you can count on to make your gaming life exciting with freebies. Just like Reddit’s subreddit, it is a community of gamers brought together by the same gaming interests. There is so much to learn here and a lot in the offering too.

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To get hold of the games, you need to have an account with Steam. Here the catch is winning games. Connect with the other members and learn how to win the giveaways.

  1. IGN Beta Giveaway

IGM Beta Giveaways will hook you up to the newest releases and most incredible PC games. The site allows you to download free PC games. To top it up, it gives you a chance to get promos concerned with new games. What you need to do is always be on the lookout for new promos. You could be the one to take the giveaways home.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming hosts over 6600 games from 450 different game publishers. To show how much quality the retailer deals with, it has been able to secure 25 awards. Yes, the games are paid for. The catch however is, every month the retailer has giveaways. You should probably be on the lookout for this. You could be the next gamer to benefit from the free paid games.


What is the deal with GOG? Well, it is worth noting that it is also a platform for distributing videos too. Could be a one-stop shop for you. Only that you will not have to pay for the games. The distributor always has about three premium games to offer the gamers for free every year, and the giveaways last for 48 hours. You might want to look up when next they will be giving out goodies.


Here is your chance to get gifted with free games by this website. All you need to do is sign up and get rewarded for that.

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 The sites above will hook you up with the best games in the market for free and legally. Get to enjoy amazing games without undermining the efforts of the developers!