How To Play Android Games on PC [ 100% Working Trick]


Android is an interesting operating system for your smartphone. One of the most customizable ones among the competitors, it has been gaining quite a bit of popularity. How about running the Android operating system and the associated apps and games on your PC? You may be looking forward to a way to run and play an Android game on your desktop PC. We bring you some simple methods you can use to run Android games and apps on your desktop PC.

How To Play Android Games on Your PC?

How To Play Android Games on PC
How To Play Android Games on PC

Well, there are several ways you can do it. One of the most popular ways you can run Android games on a PC is to use emulators. Apart from that, you can also go for some alternative options as well. Let us go through the steps involved in each of these methods and tools in finer detail in the following paragraphs.

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#1 Play Android Games Using Android Emulators

There is a host of different emulators available. Bluestacks, Nox App Player, and GenyMotion are just a couple of names we can take. Of all these, Bluestacks has been a popular choice for many of the Android fans.

Bluestacks does not replace your operating system. Instead, it works within the Windows operating system. Actually, you will be able to run it on your Windows desktop just like you would install any other software. The Bluestacks interface is the same as you would experience on your Android smartphone.

The software lets you install apps from Google Play Store, or any other source in the same way as you would do on your phone. If you have access to the APK file, you can grab it and install it on your Bluestacks installation. In fact, virtually any Android application can be installed on your computer.

#2 Play Android Games From Your Browser

The Android Emulators explained above need to be installed as a separate application on your desktop. Some of them can come with a complicated configuration process.

In sharp contrast to these app-based emulators, there are some browser-based emulators as well. The best part with these emulators is that they do not need any complex setup process. You do not need to install any special software for playing an Android game on your PC. The emulator runs within your browser.

ManyMo is one such browser-based emulator. You can visit the official site at If you are an Android developer, you can test your apps on this emulator as well. However, the performance and speed of connectivity depend upon your Internet speed.

#3 Play Android GamesLive Android

Live Android is a full-fledged operating system. In fact, you can install it as Virtual Box to test your Android applications and games on your desktop.

Live Android also comes with a Live CD or LiveUSB. If you do not want to install it on your laptop as a separate operating system, you can copy the image on a CD-ROM. Pop in the CD-ROM into the desktop and reboot your computer. Live Android will boot up. There would be no need to install it on your PC and that way it would be a safer way to explore the Android operating system on your PC.

You can get Live Android from the link

#4 Play Android GamesAndroid SDK

Android SDK is the official emulator for Android. Coming from the creators of Android themselves, it should indeed be the perfect option for playing Android games on your desktop.

However, the software may be a perfect tool for testing your masterpieces if you are a developer. Otherwise, for the regular usage, and more importantly for the normal users  it may become a little disturbing. The software is a bit sluggish and a little difficult to set up.

Here is how you can run it.

Now you can configure your own Android Virtual Device. After you have created it, you can just click on START to launch your SDK.

#5 Play Android Games Using Android X-86

Android X- 86 is the virtual Android version that can be run on your Windows desktop. The operating system can run on both AMD and Intel processors.

The Android version can easily be installed on any X 86 based system as easy as you install Windows or any other Linux based software on your system. Android X-86 is actually a program that was developed for porting the Android operating system to AMD and Intel processors.

The Android X-86 project is developed as a community project. As things stand now, it does support only a few select machines. We would expect the support is coming up for additional machines in due course. You can install it on a virtual machine as well.

Get more information and support for the Android X-86 project on the site

The Final Thoughts

That was what we could bring out about how you can run Android games and apps on your PC. The above methods featured in this article should be more than helpful in running almost all your Android apps and games on your desktop, or Laptop.

APK File For You:

One most important point to be noted here  Intel has come up with Dual OS PCs. If you have one of them, you can run both Windows 8 and Android operating systems on your PC. If you have no plans of buying new PCs, the methods indicated above should be a perfect option for you.

Have you used any of these tools to run and play Android games and apps on your desktop PC? If yes, do come up with your ideas and opinions about the services outlined above. If you find any other alternatives for the purpose, we will welcome you to share the same with us.


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