10 Best Document Management Systems


Best Document Management Systems: With the increasing focus on the digitalization of the workflow, most of the businesses have been considering reducing the use of paper in most of the tasks. Yet another advantage of digitized workflow management is it lets you have access to your work from practically anywhere and on any device. You no longer need to carry heaps of papers and documents to any of your important meetings. That is where document management software proves to be very effective and efficient.

But, choosing the right document management software systems is always cumbersome. In fact, there are several varieties of document management systems, and analyzing what exactly you are looking for would be a matter of crucial importance. We thought we would help you with the task of finding the right software for the document management system.

Why do you need a Document Management Software?

Before we can move on to find some of the best document management software options, it may be a little worthwhile to understand what exactly is a document management software and what problems does it solve for you.

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A Document Management Software is a tool that encompasses a wide range of services and functionalities of simplifying your task of handling the documents. For instance, PDF readers can be the right option to read the contents of a PDF files without the need to take a print of the document. The exact features you would need will be dependent on the activities you tend to perform as part of your business.

A document management software can be quite an efficient option and help you save money. To begin with, it enables you to save the cost of printing. Apart from reducing the cost of paper, good document management software can also assist you in saving money under some additional heads. These can include ink, energy, and maintenance of the printing equipment.

Storage of the printed documents and files is yet another complication if you have not yet digitized your business. Taking care of those heaps of documents can get really tougher. A document management software eases you of this problem. These tools can also help you do things faster enough. You will be able to send your documents to hundreds of users in just one go. Isn’t that something wonderful than having to take multiple prints of a document and then sending them through postage?

Best Document Management Systems for Better Workflow

Having understood what a document management system is and how it can benefit your business, let us check out a few exciting choices for the best document management systems for your business.

#1 Knowmax

Knowmax is one of the prominent and effective document management software options currently available. It helps you streamline your content management efficiently and effectively. It can also double up as an excellent option for departmental collaboration and integration of the different sections of your business.

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The software is compatible with practically every kind of content in different formats. Compatibility with Word, Excel, PDF, and a host of other formats would make it one of the best options. This would make it quite easy and straightforward to search and find your files and documents with ease.

Authorizing the duties of the different roles and rights and offering an efficient keyword-based search options. The software comes with a high degree of support mechanism through the articles and FAQs. That would help you in achieving an excellent degree od usability. Finding a fix is always easy if you are stuck somewhere.

=> Visit Knowmax Website

#2 Zoho Docs

It is one of the excellent options for the needs in managing your software in a more effective manner. Also, offers you a greater degree of online editing capabilities with your documents. And makes sharing and collaborating on your tasks a simple and easy task.

One of the best features w found very interesting with Zoho Docs was it lets you work with your documents concurrently with your team. A high degree of integration with a host of the other document management tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Adobe Sign, to name just a few.

The software also has apps on Android and iOS. That should make it a truly complete solution, helping you take your work with you anywhere you go. If you are a Zoho user for a host of the other requirements, it can integrate well enough with all Zoho products. However, it can even work efficiently as a standalone tool, as well.

#3 PandaDoc

PandaDoc has become one of the high-end online document management software options you can rely upon. You would be able to create, edit, and share your documents with ease. One of the best document management systems, it even supports the legally binding electronic signature options.

The PandaDoc document management system does support a wide range of document formats. It does support PDFs, DOCs, and Excel files along with a host of existing digital documents. The tool provides you access to a wonderful performance with faster and paperless transactions and processes.

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The tool works efficiently in a range of fields such as HR, sales, marketing, finance, legal, and manufacturing sectors. You can even try out a free variant before you can take a call on whether you would want to opt for the tool. It would be an excellent option for document creation and sharing them quickly enough.

#4 M-Files

It is more of a content management software and focusses on creating, organizing, and managing your documents online. Best suited for both small scale and medium-sized organizations, it provides you access to on-site, cloud-based, and hybrid deployment options.

The tool lets you keep track of all the changes in your documents; however, big or small, they may be. One of the robust document management systems, it offers you an easy to implement structure. Some of the features that the software provides you would include electronic signature features, automation capabilities, document templates, and offline access, to name a few.

You can even integrate it with your existing systems so that you will have any sort of duplication issues. A wide range of software compliance with Windows, Mac, and Android is yet another added advantage.

Official Link: M-Files

#5 PinPoint

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, PinPoint can be one of the excellent options you can go with. It does offer you a wide range of features that you may not be able to find elsewhere. Set up all your documents and workflows in one single system.

The document management system is an excellent solution for a wide range of industries such as legal, healthcare, education, municipality, manufacturing, retail, clinical, and other types of industries. You would be able to create electronic folders, cabinets, drawers, and what not in tune with the exact requirements of your organization.

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The comprehensive document and folder structure will ensure that you will not find any document that is misfiled or lost. It lets you set up your workflows and manage them from one single centralized hub.

Official Link: PinPoint

#6 eFileCabinet

In case you are looking for the best document management system that is most secure and highly scalable? file cabinet is an excellent option for your needs. That can be a great choice for ensuring that you have access to the enterprise level efficiency for your small business.

The document management system offers you access to an enhanced and effective data migration efficacy. It does cover a wide range of delivery modules. You can have access to a wonderful suite of customizable workflow automation for your document management. The best in class data governance will ensure that your data are always safe and secure.

The software is basically targeted for small scale to medium businesses and attempts to offer enterprise-level quality service to small platforms.

Official link: eFileCabinet

#7 Backlog

The backlog is basically a project and code management software, but it also doubles up as an excellent document management system for most of your requirements. It can be helpful in tracking your projects right from the stage of planning to execution.

The powerful and exciting collaboration features coupled with a robust interface would make it one of the perfect tools you would want to go with. The sharing feature within the tool lets you focus on the task of keeping all your files in one place. The contextualized collaboration would make it one of the excellent options.

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The bug tracking feature is one of the excellent features we found quite efficient and excellent in its own right. The comments and file attachments feature is yet another huge advantage.

Official link: Backlog

#8 Dokmee

Dokmee can be the right choice for the document management system needs for any size of the business. You can either run it on-site or use it on the cloud. Some of the exciting features offered by the software would include document management, multi-user access, file, and folder restrictions.

It provides you access to a wonderful suite of application areas. You can have access to multiple desktops, different web configurations, user-friendly interfaces, and high-end editing tools. The high-end automation features offered by the tool would make it the GO-TO solution fr most of your needs in keeping your documents safer.

More straightforward integration with tools such as SAP, SalesForce, Quickbooks, and MS Office is yet another advantage. That way, your tasks are considerably reduced with an optimum degree of automation.

Official Link: Dokmee

#9 Seismic

It is a cloud-based solution that helps you in sales enablement options. It can help you effectively automate most of your content-related tasks. The document management system has built-in custom solutions for varied businesses such as wealth management, banking, consulting, insurance, health care, and IT.

A few features of the tool that would make it stand apart would include the creation of the content, automation of distribution of data, and sales analytics. It can also help you in compliance management and data integration requirements in many ways. It is a centralized software to take care of almost every need you may have in terms of document management.

Official Link: Seismic

#10 Nuxeo

The last, but certainly not the least in our list of the best document management systems, the Nuxeo can be one of the perfect options for managing and working with your data and documents. It is an open-source document management system and offers you an efficient flow of content.

It can be an excellent option for any of your needs in the industries and areas, whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise. Easier customization, more straightforward management of projects, and provides you access to an enhanced robust platform. It efficiently reduces the time required for the document search and retrieval.

The document management system works in an efficient manner where you can capture content in a wide range of ways, which includes even image scanning. However, the software is a bit complex and may be difficult to use for beginners.

Well, that was all about what document management systems can do to your business. We assume the list of best applications and documents management systems featured here should expertly meet most of your requirements.

Official Link: Nuxeo