Do you Know How Youtube Offline Feature Work?

You might be feeling blessed after the launch of new feature of Youtube offline. Many of us might be in shock thinking about the technology behind. This is the latest technology news that has captured the minds of most of the people.

How it works?

As we know Youtube is a service of Google that allows us to watch videos online. It consists of so many videos that you can search for anything and youtube will present the video in front of you. This service works online and one must have an internet access so that he/she can watch the videos. To watch videos on Youtube without loading, the speed of the internet should be around 1mbps. There are many countries and cities where people do not get speed more than 256kbps and this low speed cause the video to load again and again.

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For iPhone and iPad users, you can try free YouTube Video Downloader to download your favorite YouTube videos and enjoy them offline wherever you go.

Is it a Magic?

This latest feature of Youtube is not a magic or high technology. This latest feature just downloads the video to your device and allows you to watch videos smoothly without getting stuck. We hope that this news have cleared up the idea of Offline videos and technology behind it for many people.

So go ahead and enjoy watching videos smoothly with this new feature.

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