DJI FOCUS: A Device to Help Auto Adjust Focus Remotely

DJI launched a new gadget last week which is another addition to its Hollywood cinematography mindset. The new device named the Focus is a piece of smart and wise work that will help filmmakers and directors put drone cinematography to extended use. The gadget is kind of a remote control for cameras that will help the users adjust aperture, zoom, focus, etc. with ease you can also call it an auto adjust focus camera.

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Revenants first assistant camera John Connor said that the gadget helps when you are shooting a scene from a drone or when you just can’t sit behind the camera and call shots. It helps in setting the camera’s aperture and focus from a distance with much clarity and a timer to control the zoom in out with adjustments. Though it is compatible only with DJI Zenmuse X5 and X5R in the sky, the auto adjusts focus camera device can be mounted with any camera on the ground.

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DJI is focusing totally on creating a set of full camera equipment for a movie director, and the company knows that its gadgets are more valued there rather than the ordinary people. This controller has a focus wheel for the user and a motor that will be attached to the camera.

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The company claims that the product can last for up to 14 hours in one time charging. But the price is what makes it less usable for a general consumer, and it is being sold at $1999 on the company website.

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