Develop a Cloud Migration Strategy:Prepare Your Business


If you are planning to move your IT infrastructure to the cloud, then you will reap the benefits in the future for sure.

But long before reaping all of the benefits of the cloud environment, you will want to deal with the cloud migration strategy first. Successful cloud migration requires careful planning and approach. Depending on what you need and require, the path you take can be different from the other business. But here are the key steps that you cannot overlook to carry a successful cloud migration process.

Don’t start it with the wrong reason

What is your reason to conduct cloud migration? It is the very first question to answer to find the most appropriate cloud migration strategy for your business. Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud can really shape and change the future of your business. it will be a form that you are dealing with many years in the future. That’s why you cannot underestimate the real reason behind it. Are you seeing any advantage of moving your business to the cloud? Or else? Is it worth your money, time, and resources?

Cloud data

Analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, as well as risks

It is important to emphasize that moving to the cloud is a big decision to make. It will influence the entire company from top to bottom. And if you do not weigh all of those aspects in balance terms, it might bring your business to the pitfall.

There is no doubt that when taken care of appropriately, the cloud migration strategy can bring such benefits to your business. However, it can be ruining your business if not done properly. Finding a good reason is a good start. But the next, you will want to analyze the cloud migration strategy in every aspect.

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The aspects that you need to analyze are the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, as well as risks. Conduct a big meeting with your core teams to identify the points of each aspect. Do not hesitate to jot down all of the information in the list. You will eventually find out if there is any problem with your plan. It might be intimidating to find out the risks and the negative sides of cloud migration. But it is also a step to take to make an informative decision that will be beneficial for your business in the long run.

Recognize what you have

Your current IT infrastructure is not prevalent for all the cloud environments out there. It works VICE Versa. Not all cloud environments are suitable for your current IT infrastructure. So, to find out the best cloud migration strategy, you will need to assess your IT infrastructure, the apps, resources, and other aspects in advance. The more you recognize what you have right now, the more you will know what to do in terms of the cloud migration process. You will want to know which apps you move to the cloud, and which would not. You also need to assess the current IT infrastructure with probability costs.

Choose the right cloud migration provider

Your best cloud migration strategy will come to waste if you work with the wrong partner. The right partner will help you to set straight on the right track. In this case, you will want to work with the provider who can help you carry the tasks with adequate costs and expectations. Make sure your provider team has certification in certain cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. The reputable cloud provider mostly encourages its team to have certifications.

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The right provider will have a straight forward solution for your requirements. With their help, you will be able to identify the cloud environment type for your IT infrastructure and apps. Determining the right type of cloud is very crucial for your business scalability.

Plan the migration

What kind of architecture you will need to use for your cloud migration? You will want to know all of the apps to list and prepare for the migration. Determine the components you need for the new cloud environment. Figuring out your architecture will also be relevant to the cloud provider for handling the cloud migration.

Not a single successful cloud migration without a good plan. It is crucial to have everything ready for the migration. The deadlines and timelines should be relevant to your current workloads. Obviously, the heavy workloads will take more time to finish and you will need to be prepared for that. Cross-check everything in both the on-premises parts as well as the cloud environment to make sure that the migration process will be smooth and well.

The cost-saving options

cloud migration is something complex. Therefore, it also requires enormous funding upfront as well as after the migration. Research has shown that 60% of small businesses only realized that the costs were higher than they expected. It is because most of them move their business apps and systems with an open possibility of upgrading in the future. Well, if you expand your business in the future, you will surely want to provide a much better cloud environment so that the end-users can use the apps without lagging or will possibly know which ones you want to include in the moving, and which ones are not. There are some apps that you might need to put an end.

Training for your staff

It is important to conduct the training for the users involved in the company. As long as your team has improved their technical skills, the new cloud environment won’t be a big matter anymore. Cloud providers can help you with cloud migration services. But it will take certain extents to make your staff ready with the new environment cloud. Consider procuring the training so that your staff will have the skills of architecture, as well as managing the cloud migration.

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Share the cloud migration concept and educate your team

In the cloud migration project, you will want to put a lot of effort into it. However, it will be extremely hard to proceed if your team does not comprehend the importance of cloud migration. Therefore, you will need to share your vision with them and let them know the perks for the company. Pitching younger subordinates and staff might be easier. You will want to overcome your seniors’ ego first.