Desk Accessories to Make Studying More Productive


Do you usually study in the library, in a café, or in your own room? While it can be refreshing to do your homework at a park, studying indoors protects you from outside distractions and makes it easier to concentrate on your books.

However, it may get a little tedious and boring. Thus, you might want to decorate your desk to help you focus. After all, your desk is a major part of your study environment, and a good study environment induces good study habits.

Desk accessories

So that you’ll become a more productive student, consider adding these accessories to your desk area.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Ideally, a quiet environment is best for studying. That may not always be the case due to external factors like people passing by, storm clouds thundering above, or other students horseplaying near you. But you can create a bubble around you, figuratively speaking, and shut out the din of the outside world with noise-canceling headphones.

Noise disrupts concentration. With headphones, you can drown the chaos with harmony. Listening to music enhances your brain and makes it more receptive to new information. In fact, there are several benefits when studying music.

When you get tired of reading, you can engross yourself with audiobooks, podcasts, or recorded lectures to continue your learning. It’s better to do this with high fidelity headphones so that you won’t miss a word.

Desk Toys

At first glance, toys may seem like counterproductive to studying, but they’re a necessary distraction. The mind absorbs information better if it’s having fun, which studying isn’t; thus, toys.

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Toys can give you a spark of inspiration. That’s why you see Newton’s Cradles on many college professors’ desks but those are old school. A modern example is a fidget spinner or cube which started a recent craze. Another one is a Rubik’s Cube, which is a classic.

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However, don’t confuse video games as toys. Toys engage your mind with physical activity, while video games typically require a more mental kind of exertion which, depending on the game, can stress your mind even further. The point is to relax your brain, not tax it. Besides, you’ll easily lose track of time while playing video games.

Potted Plants

A research in 2011 revealed that houseplants can boost your attention span. With that in mind, placing a potted plant on or near your desk can be beneficial to your studies, not to mention your health.

All the tech and gadgets that are useful for students today can become overwhelming, and everyone needs to occasionally reconnect with nature. That’s why plants are a great desk decoration because they create a relaxed and natural environment.

If you’re a busy student with little time to care for plants, consider getting succulents. They only need to be watered once a week. Besides, a small cactus is a cute addition to your study area.

Multi-Port Charger

When using your phone to play music, you’ll be draining its power quickly. You can plug it into a power outlet, but if you have a lot of gadgets with you, it can be a hassle to keep switching power cords. It’s more convenient and time-efficient to use a USB charging station.

A charging station can accommodate several gadgets at once, allowing you to replenish their batteries simultaneously. The convenience doesn’t stop there; a charging station also effectively doubles as an extension cord, so you don’t have to bend down to a power outlet every time you want to plug in a device.

In Closing

Make it a habit to keep your study area organized and neat. While you don’t have to keep it a hundred percent clean, you will want to declutter any unwanted mess. Clutter can affect your mood, which, in turn, influences your productivity.

Furthermore, every routine you practice as a student will persist once you’ve entered the real world and become employed. If you keep up the habit of having an organized desk, it will become a positive trait that’ll be useful in your future career.

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