How to Delete Voice Recordings from Alexa and Google Assistant?


How to Delete Voice Recordings: Google Assistant and Alexa are kind of your assistant for you who does the mundane and necessary tasks for you, making our lives easier — for instance, Powering on the light, searching for the word meaning or setting up the reminders. However, these basic tasks came with a specific cost, and that price is you. Did you know when you command these assistant devices then your voice or details are recorded and sent to some remotely located server for processing? This is a huge concern of privacy, and that is one of the reasons that Amazon and Google are now providing the feature of deleting your conversation from their devices and servers.

Let’s take a look in detail how you can do this!

1. How to Delete Voice Recordings from Google Assistant?

Google always have this feature in Google Assistant but never advertise it openly to its consumers. They may want to have free data. However, you have the option to delete the data or all the conversation you have with Google Home or Google Assistant either from your phone or web browser. In this comprehensive blog, we will show you how can you delete Google Home’s conversations on mobile.

  1. In your mobile browser open the URL Make sure you sign in this URL with same Google account which you are using in your Google Assistant device. After successful login on top left corner tap on the hamburger icon which will display all list of options. To open the new page, tap on “Activity Controls.”
  2. Now find the Voice & Audio Activity in Activity Control Down page. To load the setting page tap the button of Manage Activity. Here you can easily find the option of deleting all the commands or conversations you have shared with Google Assistant. If you want the voice recordings to be, then tap the option “Delete Activity By.”
  3. Here you will get the option of deleting the data as per the date stamp. You can either tap on “All Time” to erase all the recordings or data, or you can choose the specific date of which you want to erase the tapes from Google assistant. After selecting the option, make sure you tap “Delete” button.
  4. Now, as soon as you tap on the delete option, then Google will display you few prompt messages. The first message will ask your feedback like how recordings make the experience better. Here click on the OK option. Then you will come across another prompt message which will tell you that records cannot be recovered, again tap on “Delete” and it will permanently the recordings from the server.
  5. Since now you have erased all the recordings from Google server which you think process if over, right? Well, there is more to it. However, in the future, when you place the commands to Google Assistant, then it will record them. To keep your conversations private, make sure you turn off their recording feature.

Fortunately, Google Assistant has this option of turning off the recording feature, which shows that Google takes care of your privacy. You can perform this function by going to “Change Settings” option tap on “Voice and Activity” where you need to slide toggle and tap on “Voice & Audio Activity” to turn it off.

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When you perform this function again, Google will give the prompt message that this feature may affect the service, which is true. However, it is not important than maintaining your privacy.

2. How to Delete the Voice Recording from Alexa?

Google and Amazon both enable their users to erase their conversations with their virtual assistants. However, Amazon does not allow you to pause audio recordings which Google assistant does.

If you want to enable this feature in your Alexa then login to your Amazon account from your browser, these steps are the same for both mobile and Desktop so would not experience any difficulties. Go to and login with your credentials of Amazon. Right next to the cart icon tap on the Profile icon. It will display the complete list of options, choose ‘Content and Devices” within the Account and Settings category.

Now go to Manage your Content & Devices and look for “Alexa Privacy.” It will display options furthermore on the page and proceed, and you need to select “Review Voice History.”

Here you will find “Enable Deletion by Voice” option within Review Voice History page. Now, turn ON the feature by sliding the toggle. It would display a prompt message saying enabling this feature would allow anyone to delete your voice recordings just by voice command. However, for complete privacy, you should tap the “Enable” function to activate the service.

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Eventually, when this feature is active, you can ask Alexa to erase the recordings from Amazon servers. This is a much better option than Google assistant. On the other hand, Google offers you an opportunity to turn OFF the record permanently.

To remove the recordings by voice say “Alexa! Delete Everything, and I said Today” and it would delete all the voice recordings of that day from the server.

Alternatively, if you want to delete all the voice recordings, the under the Toggle Option choose “All History” as the date range. Tap on “Delete All Recordings for All History” option. It will prompt up the warning, again tap “Yes.”

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Deleting your conversation with Alexa and Google Assistant

These are two approaches to erase your audio conversations from Alexa and Google Assistant. With these methods, you can easily keep your commands and recordings safe and private as it would not get recorded on their servers. Do you think that Alexa by Amazon also gives you an option of permanently OFF the recording like Google Assistant? Please give us your answers in the comment box below.

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