Create your own skylander on the Skylander Xbox Game


Skylander Imaginators will be the sixth version of the gaming franchise and this time it will be better than ever. The game is developed by Toys For Bob this year, and they have added a new feature to take up the creativity of kids. The Skylanders Xbox game will have a feature to create and customize your own Skylanders which wasn’t available in the past five versions.

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Every year it gets more challenging to bring out something different and keep the gamers interested, said the Audio Director of Toys For Bob in an interview. This year the game will allow users to create their own Skylanders and add their personal names and catchphrases to them. Users will have options to edit the tiniest of details which include body size, muscles, voice type, etc.

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The concept of letting people create their own Skylanders was taken up with the idea that every year kids from all around the world send in their personal drawings of Skylanders characters and catchphrases etc. to the company. This is an excellent addition to the game as it might excite gamers to have freedom of custom imagination.

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The new game will also feature a random Skylanders option that will create a random character for people who are more into gaming rather than creating their own character. The Skylanders Xbox game will be launched in October later this year, and the starter pack will cost you $75 including an NFC portal, two Skylanders figurines, and a creation crystal.


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