Incredibly Cool Gadgets Every Vlogger Should Own


Hi vloggers, this is for you. Now, if you’ve been wondering about the best gadgets that you should have to make your career – or whatever they call it nowadays – then you’re in the right place. Now, come to think about, you’ve probably seen such an article somewhere and you are wondering why you need to read this one. Honestly, there are like a million reasons why you should. First and foremost, reading this post will help boost your efficiency, morale, and you’ll appear to be a professional vlogger. Let’s not go to reason number two and instead, get right on with it! Below are incredibly cool gadgets every vlogger should own.

1. Vlogging Camera

Well, not every camera you see out there is cut out for vlogging. Ideally, you want a camera that is better than the one on your smartphone. You don’t need to be a camera geek to differentiate between good quality videos and those that outrightly suck. As a vlogger, your selling point is generating quality content, right? And what better way than to invest in the best quality video capturing equipment? It doesn’t hurt to have a spare vlogging camera. This will help to take care of those awkward moments when you’re out there and your equipment gets the best of you. So, what makes a good vlogging camera? Below are factors to consider when choosing one:

  • Lense – When choosing a vlogging camera, ensure to check the lens aperture. Good quality vlogging cameras have wide apertures which makes them ideal for improving the aesthetics of your vlogs. In addition to this, ensure that the camera in question has autofocus functions.
  • Stabilization – Vlogging cameras need to have optical image stabilization functions. This will come in handy when recording videos while on the go.
  • Sensor – when choosing a vlogging camera, go for the one with a bigger sensor. Larger sensors capture more light as opposed to smaller ones.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – The camera you choose needs to have a Wi-Fi feature. As a vlogger, uploading your videos is of paramount importance.
  • Bluetooth functionality – This feature will make it easier when syncing your camera to your other gadgets.

2. Microphones

While it can be tempting to rely on your camera’s mic when shooting a vlog, you’ll want to ensure that the audio is of the best quality. As you may be aware, most cameras have built-in microphones but they are not just enough when it comes to improving the audio quality. According to the guys at , including a good quality mic in your inventory will help you to capture great recordings as well as allow you to share exactly what your audience wants to hear. Such mics will make it easier to customize the sound and in addition to this, they can be integrated into your other devices. This is especially an important aspect when choosing a microphone for your vlogs. Hey, while in the same vein, you’ll also need a mic muffler. This will help to eliminate that horrible wind-noise effect when recording your videos outside.

3. Tripod Stands

There are so many reasons why you need tripods when vlogging. Ideally, you want to shoot videos that have a cinematic effect, right? Well, the only way to do this is to when your video shooting is stable. This is especially the case for those with shaky arms or when you want to avoid blurred images. This will undoubtedly ruin the quality of your vlogs. If you are a traveler vlogger, ensure that your tripods are easy to carry, lightweight, durable, and stylish.

4. Vlogging Drones

As a modern-day vlogger, drones are a must-have. Of course, investing in one will have an impact on your wallet. But hey, owning one will give you great ROI. Vlogging drones are easy to carry, adaptable, and they’ll never disappoint on footage capturing.

5. Storage

Now, don’t forget the importance of owning storage devices. This is critical for your vlogs. It will allow you to sporadically store your recorded images, audio clips, and videos. It could be a hard drive, memory card, or a portable device such as a tablet or a smartphone. However, it’s important to ensure that the memory capacity is higher to accommodate your needs.

Now that you’re in the know zone on the most important gadgets to include in your vlogging inventory, it’s time to make it count. You can monetize your vlogs by becoming an affiliate marketer or opening an account on YouTube. Either way, it’s a lucrative undertaking that’s not only enjoyable but one that will also expose you to the outside world.