12 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools


How much time is needed to create great content with useful information and visually appealing images, infographics, and videos? It may seem you need to spend all your time on such a hard and creative task. Nevertheless, according to a Search Engine Journal, 71% of marketers give less than 5 hours per week to create appealing and informative visual content, 17% of individuals devote from 5 to 15 hours, and 11% of people spend more than 15 hours.

It all depends on the tasks, capabilities, and instruments that you use. You can use special services and content marketing tools to simplify the work.

We have selected for you a set of content marketing tools that can greatly facilitate your tasks, let’s check them!

Content Marketing Tools

1. Canva and Crello — Easily Create Images

Canva and Crelloare the most popular online service for creating and editing images, memes, infographics. There are thousands of patterns, filters, icons, and shapes. How can you use them? You can create postcards, logos, social media posts, and much more.

2. Awesome Screenshot — Make & Edit Images

By using this service, you can permanently store and organize up to 30 images per project. Here, you can easily share content with friends and colleagues — just send the link. It is a necessary tool for processing high-quality images. According to the managers, the only limitation is your imagination.

3. Infogr — Data Visualization Tool

It is a free service that helps with data visualization. You can also use a pro version that starts at $19/month. You can create infographics using built-in templates. Also, you can add charts and interactive maps.

4. Quora — Find Topics for Posts & Campaigns

Quora is like an encyclopedia. Its main benefit is that all explanations are given by ordinary users without complex terms and thoughts. You can also participate in discussions or ask questions by providing links to your accounts on social networks.


5. Feedly — Be Up-to-Date

When the Google Reader RSS aggregator was shut down in 2013, it seemed like RSS feeds would soon go down in history. But that does not happen, they are still very popular with those who work with content. One of the most convenient aggregators is Feedly. It adapts to your interests and serves as a personal base of fresh news.

6. Adobe Creative Cloud — Make Amazing Videos

If you are busy and do not have time to prepare great content, you can ask friends, hire professionals, or pay someone to do uni assignment on time. You can also use great tools that help to create collages, add labels and frames, and more. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the tools for video editing that helps to add titles, combine clips, replace sound, etc.

7. Asana — Make Plan for Your Content

At Asana, the whole team can plan media strategies, campaigns, and develop ideas for designs and posts. You can find assignment cards to complete your tasks successfully. Asana is similar to Trello and other task managers.

8. Woobox

It is a service for creating marketing campaigns: contests, sales, giveaways, etc. You can collect notes through forms or actions on a social network. Choose random winners, post unique codes, and more.

9. LookBook HQ

It helps publish the right content at the right time and place. It supports WordPress, Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube. By using the service you can check the analytics of interaction with your content.

10. Prezi

To create cool presentations, you can use Prezi. You just need to choose a template, upload videos, and pictures, add charts and save everything in the cloud.

11. Reddit – Catch Hot Trends

News and article aggregators are a great way to see what the industry is talking about right now and figure it out. On the Reddit service page, you can select an industry and a country and see what topics are currently on fire.


12. Grammarly – Find Errors in the Text

If you keep pages in English, Grammarly is indispensable. It’s simple: you add text to the service window and in a couple of seconds it will underline the words in which there may be errors.

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You can find many useful tools and the ones that are close to your field. But for brand activity and to get good results on the social network page, you need a clear strategy and attentive analytics. Each action should have a goal. It is important to check the results whether there are more subscribers, sales, or traffic. Great luck if the post suddenly attracts new subscribers and bring leads. However, it is important to check statistics and use content strategy tools. If handled properly, such tools will help you to correct your actions and change a content plan if needed.