What Should You Know About Content Com Android Browser Home?


Content com android browser home; what is this term and why are we seeing this here. This content com android browser home is not a term, it is a link and visible as an Android browser on your mobile phone. The original form of this link appears as content://com.android.browser.home/. This link is used in browsers to set the default homepages.

Many of you might be having only Google or Mozilla Firefox as a default browser home page on your phones. You would have seen the Android robot icon on your phone right; it is the Android browser. I still remember thinking about the Android icon as some Alien or virus when bought a phone for the first time. Besides the fun factor, not many of us would have shown interest in making Android as the default browser because of security reasons.

What is the purpose of using content com android browser home?

If you wish to change your phone’s default browser, here you can find some procedure to do it manually using content://com.android.browser.home. You also should note that the web browser on your Android phone comes pre-installed. So if you cannot change the default browser homepage on your Android, you should look for a hidden alternative that helps you do it.

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The content com android browser home link has a code connection and a subjective view that allows users to set up their preferred home page. Remember that if your browser is not set to default, this link throws the error 404 or ERR File Not Found message on the page. It is obvious that most users choose between Google, Firefox, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo as their browser. And also it does not prefer using Android’s home browser. With content com android browser home, except Google, you can change any browser of your mobile phone.

How to set default home page on your phone with content com android browser home?

Here are the basic and simple steps to set your default home page.

  • Tap the Google browser app and open it.
  • Access the menu button on the top-right side of the page you have opened and tap it.
  • Now touch the Settings menu and search for the Android Browser Settings option until you find it. Once you find the option, tap it.
  • Change the settings to General and finally, touch the Homepage button.
  • Provide the URL of the browser or anything you want to set as default page; if not, choose the option to leave it as a blank page.

Therefore, it simplifies configuring the existing or new apps for your smartphone with content://com.android.browser.home/to set the default browser on your Android mobile device. No matter what Android mobile model you have, the settings remain identical in all devices if you wish to change or set the default browser.

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What challenges you might face with your default browser?

Generally, your default browser synchronizes every piece of your browsing information including e-mails, social media usage data, search history, etc. This might become a question of the safety and security of data with users. Therefore, you should be very careful and be wise when choosing and setting your default browser.

How to change or set a homepage on your default Internet browser using content://com.android.browser.home/?

Follow these steps to set the homepage on your default Internet browser effectively.

  • Open a browser you regularly use and open the tab that you want to set as your default homepage.
  • Now at the top-right corner, you can see three dots, which is the Menu option.
  • Tap Menu and reach Settings to access it.
  • Once you find Settings, tap it, and you can see the Set Homepage option.
  • Press the option and you will be prompted to enter the URL that you wish to set as your homepage.
  • Whichever you think is your favorite homepage URL, provide it in the respective field.
  • Now you can check whether it worked and if so, you are good to go.

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The alternative method to set your favorite homepage on your default browser

The steps explained in this section keep you away from receiving annoying pop-ups. You may ask whether you would like to set the particular page as your default browser’s homepage. Not every browser will have the same methodology for setting the homepage. Here, you can know about the alternative method using content com android browser home.

  • Open the default browser you use and open the homepage website you want to set.
  • Tap the Menu button that appears on the top-right corner of your homepage.
  • Look for the Save bookmarks on the URL page option. If you are using Google Chrome as your default browser then click the star icon that appears on the address bar.
  • Now re-tap the Menu button again and look for more bookmarks. In some cases, only if you get into the bookmarked page, you will be able to set it.
  • Now press only ON and leave the bookmark or history page as it is.
  • Finally, you can find a new menu that has the Set to Homepage option appearing on the screen.

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How to remove content com android browser home?

Till now, you have seen how to set the homepage on your default browser using content://com.android.browser.home/. Now, let me also take you through how to remove the content com android browser home. Most users dislike using content com android browser home. Because its user interface design and user interface experience factors do not satisfy Android users.

  • Run the pre-installed Internet browser and go to Menu under which you can find Settings. Now select the Menu option.
  • No press General and tap Pick Homepage.
  • Enter the URL or search engine you want to store as your default homepage and tap the Save button.


Hoping the information about the content com android browser home was helpful to you. If you find difficulty in following these steps, you can get in touch with our technical support representatives for appropriate guidance through chat or call.