Best Command Prompt Tricks (Command Prompt Hacks)


The much-overlooked part in a Windows OS is a command prompt. Most of us do not want to go that much deeper into the system. We always think that most of the tasks that were accomplished in the past have been taken over by the graphical interface. But, hold on there are many things you can do better and faster with the Command Prompt. We will learn a few Command Prompt Tricks in the following paragraphs.

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Best Command Prompt Tricks

Most of the Command Prompt tips may appear quite boring to you. However, we promise you, and several tricks would make it interesting to learn. Let us go through our top list of best Command Prompt tricks.

#1. Help with a Command Prompt command

Well, Command Prompt is helpful, we agree to it. But what if you want help with a particular command? How would you find information?

Do you just need to suffix any command with /?. The result you get will present you with the syntax for the command. For some commands, you will also get examples. The operator /? It is referred to as Help Switch. We consider the command to be of much help when you have not much knowledge about a keyword.

#2. Always Run Command Prompt as Administrator Automatically

There are times when you want to run the command prompt as an administrator. The elevated command is required for some of the actions and when you need to make system-level changes.

The normal way to run command prompt as administrator is to select on the command prompt and choose Run As Administrator. However, you can create a shortcut for the purpose so that you do need to right-click and choose the option.

Create a Command Prompt shortcut on your desktop. Now go into the Properties and choose the Shortcut tab. Under the tab, click on the Advanced box and then select the checkbox for Run As Administrator. You can rename the shortcut to anything of your choice.

#3. Launch Command Prompt from Any Screen

In case you are someone who wants to use the Command Prompt quite often, you could be a power user. And you are aware of how tedious it is to get into the check disc command to find the exact location of the file or folder you want to work on.

You can easily launch the command prompt from any screen. Navigate to the folder of your choice. Now hold the Shift key while you right-click on any empty space. You should now see the new option in the context menu – Open command window here. Clicking on this option will launch the command prompt at the correct location.

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#4. Backup Management using Command Prompt

The command prompt has a command to handle the proper backup management on your desktop. You will not need any third-party software for the purpose of backing up your files.

If you are on Windows Vista or later, you should have robocopy command. Execute it by using the following syntax robocopy c:\users\tim\documents f:\backup\documents /copyall /e /r:0 /dcopy:t /mir. Please note that you will need to change the source and destinations according to the directory structure you are using.

If you are on Windows XP, you may not have access to robocopy command. We would recommend using xcopy command with the syntax  xcopy c:\users\tim\documents f:\backup\documents /c /d /e /h /i /k /q /r /s /x /y. Here again, you will need to check the source and destination folders.

#5. Access your network information

Though it may not be of much help to anyone else, you may need to have information about your network and connectivity. They would be important especially when you are troubleshooting a network issue.

Well, you can find it from your Control Panel. However, you can find it in a better and easy to understand manner using the command prompt. Just launch command prompt and type in ipconfig /all. The command would provide information about your network, and you will have to access the details like IP address, hostname, DHCP server, among DNS information among others.

#6. Check your energy efficiency

Command prompts are generally used for a variety of functions that aid you in finding information about your PC or laptop.

One of the vital statistics you can gain information about would be the energy efficiency of your system. Use the command powercfg /energy. The system will analyze the power usage of your system for 60 seconds and save a reports file in your System32 folder. Another command that can help you gather more information about your laptop battery is powercfg /battery report. There are a few other subcommands of the powerful menu.

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The Final Thoughts

Well, that would complete our top picks for the list of a few Command Prompt Tricks. The tricks featured here are specifically chosen to let you understand the importance of command prompt. In fact, we do not like the idea of calling them Command Prompt Tricks as we believe that these are not tricks, but actually are the ways to get the things done. Please note that the list featured here is just representative. There are several commands that would help you get the things done the easier way.

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If you are indeed a power user, you would never undermine the importance of command prompt. Most of us will not dare enough to get into the insides of these tweaks, but most of the tricks are helpful, and every computer user should have enough information about them. Which command prompt do you like? Do share your favorite commands with us. Our readers will be benefitting much from your comments, views, and opinions.


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