Close Look at the Ways VoIP Technology Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy


When you think of the benefits that a VoIP  can offer your business, you may not be considering that this is a great tool that can help you boost your marketing strategy. People across the globe use VoIP technology as a way to improve their communications with their customers worldwide. It’s easy to install and incredibly easy to use. It can be scaled as needed for your business. But, this can also be a highly effective tool for boosting your marketing strategies. Read on to learn the ways that this can improve your marketing strategy.

Improving Customer Retention

The reality of business is that marketing to get new customers is 25 times more expensive than working to retain the customers you currently have. Using a VoIP system, you can have a reliable and cost-effective way to communicate with your customers, no matter where they live in the world. Customers prefer to hear a voice when they contact a company rather than online and VoIP can be the best tool for your communication needs. They like knowing that if there’s an issue, there is a real human that they can contact and have them listen to their needs. They want immediate answers to any questions or concerns that they may have. They want to know that your company understands what they are looking for from you. VoIP offers you that ability and allows you to keep your customers coming back to you.

Helps Measures the Success of Your Marketing Campaign

With VoIP systems, you can have multiple phone numbers that come to you, which allows you to use different phone numbers for different marketing campaigns. This can start by helping you to see which campaigns are most effective at reaching people. However, you can also compare the numbers when it comes to how many conversions you get from that specific campaign. These are both things that help you measure how successful individual campaigns are. If a campaign isn’t successful, you can stop spending money on it that you aren’t getting any return on. VoIP is an affordable way to test the metrics of your marketing strategies.

Better Reliability

A customer (or a potential customer) that can’t contact someone in your business is a lost customer. Sometimes phone lines go down or other ways of communications just aren’t as reliable as you hoped they would be. VoIP is a more reliable way of communicating with your customers, especially since it can allow you to make or receive calls from a wide variety of devices no matter where you are. VoIP is a reliable way of communications that makes sure that customers get a hold of a real person when they need to.

Improves Customer Service

If you operate on a global level, you need to have a way of communicating with people 24/7. VoIP is an affordable way to get customers better accessibility to your customer service team. By having better ways of communicating with your customers, you are improving their satisfaction and increasingly the likelihood that they will be return to your company. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t require the customer to have any special equipment to contact you. They just call the number and they get the live human interaction with a representative of your company when they need you.

Can Improve Campaign Conversions

When you can effectively communicate with potential customers and your current customers, you are building up a relationship of trust with them. If people trust you, they are more likely to return to you when they want your specific products or services. There is evidence that customer outreach by telephone will be more likely to get conversions than automated email campaigns. You can answer any questions that they may have about your offerings and you can build up a rapport with them, which will increase their trust in your business.

Do you work on a global basis? With VoIP, you can create local numbers in different areas (even internationally) to also increase the trust with customers. If they see a local number, you will get more trust and you will be viewed more professionally by customers in that area.


A VoIP business telephone system may not be the first thing that you think of when it comes to your marketing strategy, but it can be a highly effective and affordable way to improve your marketing strategies. It offers essential data that lets you know how effective your marketing strategies are and allows you an easier way to improve customer satisfaction.


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