How To Clear Browser Cache in Chrome & Mozila Firefox


Clearing cache on your browsers is one of the most important tasks you are expected to perform on a regular basis. If you want to get the optimum performance on your browser, you have to clear browser cache of your system or smartphone. A browser can hold your history for an indefinite time. Clearing your browser history is becomes necessary to improve your browsing experience, and to protect your privacy.

Now the question is, how to clear browser cache on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox? Let us find how you can clear browser cache on those two prominent browsers.

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Why Clear Browser Cache?

Well, clearing your browser cache and cookies is essentially the first step when you have problems with your internet browsing. In fact, Cache is not a bug as some of our readers may come to think of it. It is designed to make things easier for you.

Yes, Cache is a way browser attempts to make your tasks work faster. Cache speeds up page loading. However, there are cases where the cache itself can create issues. When the websites are developed further, the saved cache can conflict with the coding on the site. Clearing the cache ensures that you do not run into issues.

Also, it would be wise to clear cache if you are handing over your phone, or laptop to someone else. Otherwise, you may end up sharing some of your secrets inadvertently.

Is there any keyboard shortcut to clear browser cache?

Well, there are keyboard shortcuts available which help you clear cache from your desktop browser or mobile browser in one go. Most of the keyboard shortcuts are identical across browsers.

The typical keyboard shortcut used is Ctrl + Shift + Delete. Just press this key combination when you are in a browser window. This will open the appropriate dialog box.

Having said that, let us know to find out how can we clear cache on two of the most popular browsers  Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Clear Browser Cache on Google Chrome

Please note that the cleaning browser cache can delete some of the data you may want to keep. Some of the data that you may lose include your shopping cart details on E-Commerce sites, your saved passwords, and some address bar predictions.

Clear Browser Cache On Android smartphone

If you are on your Android smartphone, follow the steps below

  • Launch Chrome on your Android.
  • Open the Chrome menu.
  • Tap on Setting
  • Clear Google Chrome Cache
  • Tap on Advanced -> Privacy.
  • Clear Google Chrome Cache
  • Now tap on Clear Browsing Data.

That should clear all your cache. Please note that you will need to exit and launch your browser again for the changes to take effect.

Clear Browser Cache On iOS

If you want to clear browser cache on your Chrome installation on iOS, the steps will slightly differ.

  • Tap on Chrome Menu.
  • Next tap on Settings
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Next click on Clear Browsing Data
  • Select the type of data you want to clear.

That does it. Do not forget to exit your browser and restart it again for the changes to take effect.

Clear Browser Cache On Desktop

clear browsing data

The steps would be entirely different for the Google Chrome browser on your desktop. Follow the steps here below 

  • Launch Google Chrome on your desktop.
  • Choose the Tools You can locate it by the three dots on the top right corner.
  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on Show Advanced Settings.
  • Under the Privacy tab, click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • Choose the type of data you would want to delete.
  • Now click on Clear Browsing Data.

Exit your browser. This will let the changes take effect.

You can reach the settings directly from the steps here below  

  • Click the Tools menu as in the above steps.
  • Hover your mouse on More Tools.
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data.

The rest of the steps will remain similar to the steps mentioned above.

Another way you can access the clear cache dialog box will make use of the address bar of your Chrome browser.

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Type in chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar.
  • Press Enter.
  • You will be taken to the dialog box as in the previous methods. Then you can choose the period for which you would want to delete the cache. You can also select the items you would wish to delete. Ever tried Aptoide For iOS  Download And Enjoy

Clear Browser Cache on Mozilla Firefox

This is one of the most popular browsers along with Google Chrome. Here is how you can clear the cache on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Clear firefox Cache

  • Launch Firefox.
  • Click on the Tools You can access it by clicking on the three-dotted lines on the top right corner.
  • Click on Options
  • In the next screen, click on the Advanced panel on the sidebar menu.
  • Now click on the Network
  • Locate the Cached Web Content section.
  • Click Clear Now.

That does it. All your cache and cookies will be cleared.

Alternatively, you can access the page through the address bar as well. Here is how you can go about it

  • Launch Firefox.
  • Type in about: preferences in the address bar.
  • Press Enter.
  • You will reach the dialog box for the options.
  • Click on Advanced

The rest of the steps will remain similar to the above method. No matter which methods you use, do not forget to exit your browser and restart it. This will help the changes to take effect.

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Firefox also allows you to clear cache every time you close the browser. However, we do not think it is necessary to use this option. The cache is necessary at times. We would advise you not to clear the cache if it is not affecting your normal browsing. It would be practical to clear the cache only when it interferes with the normal functioning of your browser.

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The Final Thoughts

That concludes our tutorial on how to clear browser cache on your Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. We have made an attempt to include all the options you have as long as clearing the cache and cookies is concerned. Our emphasis has been on the popular browsers, and hence we have concentrated on Chrome and Firefox. We assume that this tutorial has been of help to you in resolving your browser-specific issues.

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Do share your experiences and inputs for the benefit of our readers. If you have any tips on clearing the cache and cookies, you are welcome to share them with us.


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