Civilization V Game Alternatives: List of Top 15 Games


Some may point out that playing online games for a prolonged time will lead to gaming addiction. However, it purely depends upon the people’s cope and their daily lifestyle. When you playtime extends to 5- 6 hours in an online game then eventually it leads to addiction. Though this addiction has a negative effect, still it leads to the process of improving learning, the building of concentration, and other benefits. In recent days, playing Civilization V is trendy among modern youngsters. For those who are looking for Civilization V game alternatives, this article would be your perfect guidance.

About Civilization V Game

Recently an online game Civilization 5 has come to limelight because of gaining high popularity among youngsters worldwide. In this game, players need to lead a civilization from an ancient age into the future and have to pass different stages through research, diplomacy, exploration, expansion, military conquest, and many others. However, there are many more games available on the online platform playing spaces, which can be treated as Civilization 5 alternatives.

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List of Top 15 Civilization V Game Alternatives

Meanwhile, in this article, you can able to find the list of Top 15 civilization V game alternatives. Our experts have handpicked all those alternative games listed below. In addition, we have tested those games fully and ensure about the similarities with the Civilization V game. Here are the lists of alternatives games for Civilization V that give you pleasure while playing.

1. Destiny

It is a multiplayer game and a popular one. The players are the guardians of the earth and they require roaming and killing destructive aliens and others for protecting the earth. The game is designed with good graphics and enjoyable. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with. The player will get something new in this game.

2. Halo

It is a first-person shooter game designed with beautiful graphics available on the play store and highly rated game. The player has to fight, protect, and to work as a team leader to win the game. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with. It is a well-rated game by the users.

3. Dawn Zero Horizon

The unique Graphic work-oriented game is the main feature of this game and it is amazing and realistic. As a player one has to leave the home and go for exploring the dangers of the world. The player reaches killing all the dangers on the way and then the game leads towards the final stage. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with.

4. Titan fall

The player in this game can play alone or with other companions with him. The story is good with tons of twists and turns. Moreover, the player is to carry out dangerous missions. It is really fun and intense game for the player or players. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with.

5. Overwatch

This game is a team-based multiplayer game divided into two groups of six players. Each character in the group has unique movements, abilities, and skills. Also, the player has to lead a team to gather points to win the game. It is a fantastic fun game. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with.

6. Planet Calypso

This game is based on Science Friction. The player has to give a checkmate to the planet called Calypso. Meanwhile, the player in this game has to try and rebuild the planet by restoring civilization. The player is also required to explore, hunt, professionally fighting robots. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with.

7. War Frame

It is a free game to play online based on the science fiction world. The player has to join the war with other communities. Armed with weapons the player is to join the war game. Meanwhile, the game is enjoyable and a little different from other online games. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with

8. Tom Clancy

This game is a beautiful, sharp, and intense graphics-oriented game. Society has fallen and the player has to take the role to protect humanity and to save the destruction of the society fighting against the hostile group. This game can be played with multi-players. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with.

9. Fallen Earth

The game is based on a skill-based system. The player has to go against the harsh environment and to fight for the survival of the world. This game is set in such a way that all humanity has been wiped out. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with. Moreover, by the name itself, it is fallen earth. The players’ role is to save the earth through his skills.

10. Nexuiz

The player has to play against the arch enemies. This is a first-person shooter game defying the laws of psychics when entering the arena of the game. Besides, it is a solo game-changing online game and a lot of fun involves. It is a good time to pass for a few hours to crack the game. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with.

11. Tribes: Ascend

It is a free online game to play with. The player is required to set a skill with several weapons and the loading of different modes of transportation. Also, the players can enjoy the fast-pace of the game. The different steps of the crossing will attract more into the game. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with.

12. Planetside II

In this free online game, the player is required to perform the task of fighting against the opposite empires by completing his mission, to bow them out. Also, the graphics of the game Planetside II are truly amazing and definitely, it is a big plus. The warfare, team works will have to be loved by the players. In Final words, Planetside II will be the perfect Civilization 5 game alternatives if you are looking to play with.

13. Kill zone Shadow Fall

The game is based on science fiction, full of weapons to combat the enemies. The content of the game is impressive and amazing story-based. It is a first-person shooter game. One must enjoy and loves to play the game with its beautiful graphics. Owing to the similarities with Civilization 5, this game manages to grab its place in the list of Civilization V like games.

14. Defiance

This is an open futuristic online game to enjoy with its beautiful graphics. Also, the player is required to perform to explore finding alien weaponry to win giant battles against the enemy. This can be played with multiplayer. It is a good Civilization 5 alternative to play with

15. Mass Effects

This is an action-packed online game where the player has found himself on a planet and trying to restore the growth of humanity over a long period of 600 years of journey. A lot of exploration, creation, and battle is there to enjoy in the game. This game is good enough for adding it to the list of Civilization 5 game alternatives.

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Playing online games is almost an addiction and a good time pass too. There are a lot many games to play online. In recent days, the online game Civilization 5 has come to limelight. Owing to that, you can able to find many alternative games online. However, you should be cautious about picking perfect Civilization V Game Alternatives from the Internet. Nevertheless, there are many other online games, which are capable to beat the Civilian 5. The players are supposed to predict from their own move while playing this game.

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