How to Choose the Right Social Networks for Your Business


Surely, you want to optimize your business with the help of social networking. Since 2007 and the emergence of social media in the world, more and more companies realize their profits. People tend to use what they know: if you are on Facebook all the time in your private life, you will surely have a particular inclination to use in your professional life to promoting your brand.

This strategy may seem sensible because it is easier to understand a tool with which you are already familiar. However, your favorite social network might not be the most efficient way to promote your business. More social networks appear on the market, but what is the one that best meets your needs?

How to Choose the Right Social Networks for Your Business?

Points to consider before embarking on a social network

  • Can you commit any marketing team dedicated to social media?
  • Do you have the budget that would allow someone on your staff to spend more time on it, or the budget to hire an outside person who would take care?

Resources will be essential that you have to know the communication strategy online that you should use.If you do not have anyone on your team who can spend much time on social networks, you should think about not only register on one or two of them.Better to be useful on a network not to be over a dozen.

Your audience:

All social networks have not the same audience. For example, Google + is mostly used by men, while Pinterest a female user base. LinkedIn is better for a B2B audience compared to Facebook, which is great for B2C.

You must understand that we need to be where your potential customers spend the most time online. Analyze each social network: they have a different audience, and thus an opportunity to own everyone.

What are the main social networks and their characteristics?


This is the most used social network in the world. The audience is very wide, and we can identify many people in advertising. You can write your personal content, but also in several ways repost external content. This is the most used social network because this is where all consumers are the majority of companies will have a page.

However, if your business works exclusively in B2B, it is not necessarily required to be on it. Your page will also allow you to follow a few statistics such as the number of people who saw one of your articles, the increase your visibility, your number of fans and to be able to pay more seen.


This social network, although now widely used, has an entirely different concept. The goal for you is to acquire and retain your followers. Account creation is easily found able and tutorials around on the internet will help you a lot. You can share information, but also to receive and comment.

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It is a fast and effective way of communicating with your customers. The 140 character limit can sometimes be restrictive but keep in mind that a tweet can easily be viral and relayed accounts.

Google +

Convenient because all centered on Googles existing services. Direct threat to Facebook, it provides almost the same functions avoiding all errors of the latter: the ability to quickly create circles in which to place his audience, better privacy settings and made more professional.

Users are increasingly numerous, even if they are not the same height as Facebook, but their number continues to increase. Google + is mainly used to share content written by yourself. You can also share information, but users of the network will not hesitate to read a very long post you have written.

Circle system also allows the sharing of content to specific individuals, such confidential information only to your employees or colleagues. This network up and must be, it will surely be an alternative to Facebook if it eventually tired or upset people.

Video and LinkedIn

Two similar professional networks that allow their users to create a professional profile. Used in the world, they are an effective way for companies to publish information on their evolution and news groups but can also bring people together on specific topics to encourage discussion and interaction.

They can help you position yourself for partnerships or to prove your professional career. These social networks are the first to consider if your business is B2B oriented.


This is the latest social networking fashion. Even if the audience exploded in the United States, you should know he does not know of any equal success in France. French users are often early adopters that are always found on the new social networks, and the majority of these brands posting very little or no posting at all.

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However, it may be appropriate for brands that target a female audience, such as fashion, decorating or cooking. This is a social network primarily visual, which can also allow you to create thematic boards to store images for later use on other social networks.

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To conclude, you can always start by testing these social networks by applying a specific communication strategy for each for thirty days and see the results in order to define who it is that you will most reported the highest rate of engagement or conversion depending on what you are looking for a target. It is always necessary to evaluate the results of your actions in order to achieve the best results in terms of sales but also e-reputation.

Pritam Nagrale is a blogger from Mumbai who writes on blogging tips & make money ideas at Money Connexion. He is into internet marketing from the last 12 years & one of the few who were making full time income that time in India.


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