How to Choose the Right Programming Language


Nowadays the profession of a programmer becomes more and more popular.

The main question that every novice programmer faces is “which programming language should I choose to work with”?

There are plenty of programming languages and each has its pros and cons. The number of existing languages varies from 400 to 600.

So, how to choose the right one? What to begin with?

Choosing the first programming language is a very important task, as it affects the sphere in which you will work in the future. We hope this article will help you answer these questions.

What to begin with?

The first thing you should start with is to ask yourself a couple of questions. Why do I want to do this? What area would I like to work in? In addition, we recommend you to understand your motivation. Programming is not always easy, but with motivation, you will overcome all possible difficulties and obstacles in order to achieve your goal.

Cloud data

Furthermore, choosing a programming language, you automatically select a circle of areas in which you can work and develop in the future. Therefore, we recommend you to decide in which area you would like to work.

Fields and specialties

With the active development of technology, the profession of the programmer was divided into many specialties.

Now we can distinguish such programming specialties:

— Embedded software development

— UI development
— Web- development
— Mobile development
— Front-End
— Game Dev
— Enterprise.

There are also many others, but today we will focus on the most common and profitable ones.

When choosing a field, you must also pay attention to:

– market demand (number of vacancies, salary)

– development prospects (how long this specialty will be relevant)

– the need for investment (how much time and effort must be spent on training, how easy it is to find the first job)

It is clear that it’s difficult to possess accurate information due to these eligibilities, but there are still facts worth paying attention to.

Embedded development

In today’s world, technologies surround us everywhere. Cars, televisions, refrigerators, machine tools – embedded developers are involved in the programming of all these technologies.

The main languages needed to work in this area are C ++ and Assembler. Java can be useful as well.

C ++ and Assembler are not simple languages. You`ll have to spend a lot of time to become a specialist in this area. On the other hand, the job is interesting and not for wimps.

Therefore, if you like to work with technology, create robots, or write firmware for phones – this is the area for you.

To sum it up, in order to become an embedded-developer, a lot of time and effort is needed. Salaries are good, the prospects are excellent and this area will not soon cease to be in demand.

Web development

Now, every single company has its own website. Therefore, the market is full of offers for any taste and budget.

From the point of view of the developer, this area is quite convenient. You don`t need to spend a lot of time to learn how to work with sites. The market is wide enough. Also, starting out does not provide much difficulty.

However, it is also necessary to highlight the cons. There are many competitors in this area. There are more and more programs that allow the average PC user to create a website for free. So there is no need to contact a specialist.

Mobile app development

What can we say about Mobile development?

Entering the field is not difficult since there are many online lessons, books that will help you become a specialist in this field quite quickly. Soon you`ll be creating entertaining apps like games for children, useful ones like mspy, etc. Development for Android and IOS are conducted in different languages. The market is still quite free. Despite the fact that creating an application is not so difficult, there is a shortage of qualified specialists with 15-20 years of experience. Therefore, salaries are growing steadily.

Front-End Development

Some time ago a profession of a front-end developer did not exist. Sites were made by ordinary webmasters.

Nevertheless, gradually JavaScript became more sophisticated, AJAX looked up – and that is it, voila. A lot of code began to spin on the client. Then this phenomenon became common – synthetic languages were compiled in JavaScript, sophisticated frameworks, and many, many other things.

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Therefore, now front-end development is one of the most dynamic developing specialties. The market demand is large and there are no specialists with 20-year work experience. However, you also need to be prepared to work with Photoshop and with code on a regular IDE.

Game Development

This direction of development delights absolutely everyone. You can make up something completely unrealistic, turn on imagination, and create an exciting game.

But it is not that easy. Furthermore, if your dream comes true and you start developing real games, you will have to read many books on materials resistance, acoustics, optics, hydro- and aerodynamics, since this knowledge is extremely important to create a successful and popular product.

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What about the salary? The more interesting the project is, the greater is the opportunity to make good money. So you have to work hard.

Enterprise development

We should start with a couple of words about what it is. This is about developing programs for large and giant companies.

All programs in this area are incredibly complex. To understand them, you will need to have a whole staff of people, where everyone is responsible for at least one section of such a program.

You will also have to work with a huge amount of data and a large number of external integrations with other systems (on average, each Enterprise project integrates with at least 3-5 other systems). Making any changes has a significant cost – every since change may affect not only the system itself but also all adjacent systems.

Despite all the complexity, such developers have the highest salaries on the market. And also, developers in this area are considered to be the most popular and successful.

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Let’s sum it all up

– Do not be afraid to make a mistake – there is no wrong choice.

– Any work should bring you pleasure. Yes, learning languages is not a simple matter and at first, it will be difficult and not interesting. Soon, when you fall in love with the taste of programming, you will be able to choose the language and specialty that you like best, and which you find fascinating.

– Many people give up quickly, as today the profession of a programmer is one of the most complicated ones. However, do not be upset and do not stop, even if it seems to be very difficult to start!