Checking Emails Affect Productivity

Spam or unwanted emails during work waste lot of time of the employees. It costs a huge sum of money to big firms as they have to spend time in checking emails that they can spend on other important tasks. According to a study conducted by Oasys Software, checking useless emails cost businesses 203 billion a year in the UK. It means it costs 6,554.90 per employee.

Time Consumption of an Employee Checking Emails:

Checking emails cause a great deal of wastage of time for an employee. Adobe found out that an employee in the UK spends an average of three months of his working tenure in one year whereas Germans spend 62 days and French workers spend 99 days a year.

The Figures Increase in California:

Radicati Group has calculated that businessmen or owners of a firm send 33 emails per day. They receive 90 emails out of which 12 are spam. According to their calculations, if an average of 30 seconds spent on reading an inbound email; and one minute to reply means daily 78 minutes are spent on emails. Keeping the length, nature and complexity f emails apart.

The study tells us:

  • In a working week of five days, you would spend 6.5 hours dealing with email; almost a whole working day.
  • During one month they will spend 24 hours.
  • In the UK an employee having 20 days off and 8 public holidays, means 232 working days per year, 7.5 hours per day and 1,740 hours per year.
  • Spending 78 minutes on emails per day makes 301 hoursand36 minutes per year.
  • Conclusively, 17.33 % of your total productivity time in a year is spent on email!

What It Costs a Business?

Consumption of such time limit does not only have adverse effects on a performance of an employee but also on a business. If we calculate living wage allowance provided by government i.e. 7.50 an hour from April 2017, employees will be paid 2,262 per year to check emails. Consider following stats:

  • If an employee is being paid 28,000 a year, he will get 14.46 an hour. Which means an employee will get 4,361 per year for checking emails.
  • More emails to an employee mean a higher cost to the business. Team managers get 32,500 per year; In this case, they will get 16.78 an hour and cost 5,060.84 while spending time on their emails.

Keeping in view the costs analysis on a business due to time spent on emails, Mail Manager by Oasys Software will help you manage the time efficiently and increased productivity.

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