Check Out these XBox Games for PC

Microsoft has advanced leaps and bounds in the recent past regarding platform integration by introducing backward compatibility in the Xbox One and tying up with various virtual reality companies. Along with this, Microsoft is all set to bring exclusive Xbox games for PC, which means you can now play your favorite console games right on your pc. And these are not just any games from the Xbox market. Microsoft has announced its intention to bring the very best regarding popularity and gameplay  to the pc gaming experience.

These games include but are not restricted to

Halo Spartan Strike/Spartan Assault

When Microsoft announced its intent to bring Xbox games for PC, it was taken for granted that Halo would be one of the games in the compatibility extension, owing to its deep gameplay and avid fan following. And this speculation has appropriately been received, with the Spartan Strike as well as Spartan Assault being announced as one of the first games to be available on PC. Quite alike in their gameplay, these are set in the famed Halo universe that gamers can spend hours in. Controllers with twin-stick shooter controls can be used or substituted with keyboards and mouses for pc gaming.

Minecraft beta version

When Microsoft gaming is debated about, the first name to come up is inevitably Minecraft. Be it the devious simplicity that makes the game addictive beyond measure or is it the staggering amount which Microsoft shelled out to procure the entire platform ($2.5 billion), Minecraft is very popular when considering Xbox games for PC. Currently, the full Minecraft version for Windows 10 is deemed to be in the pipelines, and the offered application is the same one as Minecrafts mobile pocket edition. It is offered at $10 on the Windows 10 store but can be picked up for free if you owned the original PC version.

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Age of Empires: Caste Siege

When examining those Xbox games for PC, it was inevitable that one would come across strategy and player vs. player games, those categories that are highly in demand and attract many players. Such a game is Age of Empires, a combination of strategy games and popular war games such as the clash of clans. This game pits different players across the world in real time against one another and allows you to fortify regions, build troops and use them to run the other player over.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you have been playing games on the Windows platform for a significant amount of time, you know the close relationship shared by Gameloft and Microsoft. The former has introduced many of their favorite Apple and Android titles to the Windows market, and these are now being made pc compatible. Hence, it is no surprise to see a Gameloft brainchild in the list of Xbox games for PC. This is the Asphalt 8, one of the best racing games available on all the mobile platforms combined. You can now play this graphic and exciting racing game on your PC.

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Project Spark

Of all the Xbox games for PC we have examined in this article, this is uncontested in its uniqueness and innovation. Project Spark is not exactly a game; rather a platform to build and play the game of your choice. This versatile tool allows you to literally build worlds and storylines and create games of your own. When you are not feeling creative, you can experience and play the numerous collections of games created and uploaded by the community. A finer and more engaging gaming application you would be hard pressed to find.

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