Check Out the Latest Android Apps that you Shouldn’t Neglect

Play store on android is filled with tens of thousands of android apps, and who knows how many will be loaded the next day, but there are some apps, that outstand the normal standards of app interface and give you something new, some of these latest android apps are:

Snowball: This is a must try app, the app offers you to choose from notifications you want to see with the first priority, it syncs with your SMS and other messaging app, lots off messages from different chat apps? You can manage all of them under this single app.

Flamingo:Honestly, sometimes android phones do more than they are required to, you might have experienced this, that your phone accidently dials a number on the keypad  calls (while in your pocket), this app will save you from the embarrassment, it protects random dial, USSD and Trojan hackers.

Tossup: This android app is perfect for people having multiple groups of friends and whenever we try to bring out a reunion, or a get together, there are too many questions and too many answers, this app simplifies your problem, you can easily manage and figure out what to do, create a vote-list on things to do and much more.

HBO NOW: This is what most of us were waiting to happen, HBO launched an app, which helps you stream hit shows like game of thrones, silicon valley etc., on the go, just a minor twist, you will have to pay $14.99/month to keep the subscription.

These are the most unique latest apps for android, that will make your phone interface much more easier.

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