By 2019 WhatsApp will start shoring ads on iPhone


The officials of WhatsApp previously confirmed that they are planning on showing ads to users using the “status” feature, which will go live in early 2019.

It now appears that the WhatsApp development team owned by the Facebook may already be operating on its ad model which is on the beta phase starting with iOS users. A tweet from the Brian Acton the co-founder of WhatsApp confirmed the news. In his statement via tweet asserted that the plan of launching the advertisements on the platform have already discussed with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO.

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The initial plan was to keep WhatsApp monetization free networking platform for the first 5-years of the acquisition deal, and 2019 is going to be the milestone year for the WhatsApp in this course.

What changes can you expect for iOS WhatsApp users in 2019?

Reports infer that in its earliest form, the monetization model will be limited to the “status” feature. Also, the advertisements are expected to be presented to users after they have spent substantial time swiping or browsing through status update “stories” of their frequent WhatsApp contacts.

However, the executives of the company have not revealed whether they are planning to collect user data to personalize these ads. On the other hand, if take a look at the encrypted nature of all WhatsApp communications, the Facebook team is not entitled to collect data that can assist them “customize” such ads.

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There is, nevertheless, a likelihood that users who shared their phone numbers on Facebook are expected to be “profiled” based on their browsing behavior on the social network site, and this data can be used to present relevant ads to them when they use WhatsApp on their iPhones.