Buying Bulk Flash Drives to Your Boss


When buying anything in bulk, it proves to be cheaper than buying it per piece. When buying in bulk, as the quantity increases, the price of the product decreases. This proves to be beneficial for companies whose job is to sell USB drives to their customers. They can buy at the price of bulk and sell at the per piece price. This means those companies get higher profits out of each sale as well as maintain a high stock to avoid any shortages. However, apart from these companies, there are many other instances when individuals of other companies buy USB drives bulk to get a better discount.

What is a USB?

Although before we get into the reasons why people buy these drives in bulk, let’s discuss what they are and what is their function?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and USB drives are basically a portable plug-and-play device used for storage and transfer of digital data. There are various kinds of USB devices available in the market with a range of memory space and various features such as encryption methods to keep data safe and so on. The main component of the drive is a small chip that does all the hard work of storing and transferring files while the hard exterior of the device has the function to keep the chip safe from external damage.

Which Flash Drive Should I Buy?

Due to the increased popularity and demand of this small but extremely functional tool, there are numerous manufacturers now producing and bringing USB drives to the market; however, the quality, as well as price, can greatly vary upon the manufacturer; therefore, it is always a good idea to invest some time in researching a good brand before making a purchase.

Different Sizes of the Flash Drive

The external size and physical appearance of the USB drive do not affect how much space it has to save digital data. Most USB drives are not bigger than an average human thumb; therefore, they have also received the name “thumb drive”. However, what a person needs to consider before buying the drive is the storage capacity of the drive. The larger the storage capacity of the drive, the greater amount of data it can store.

Shape and Design of the Drive:

Although many people consider the practicality and function of the drive, there are few who go for the aesthetic appeal. USB drives come in all shapes and designs, from ones that have a sleek, professional look to the drives that are shaped like animals, sports equipment, or even food. There are USB drives that light up when plugged in and those which are designed to look like your favorite cartoon character. When it comes to the designs of USB drives, there is something available for everyone.

Why Buy In Bulk?

Buying a bulk quantity of flash drives can prove to be a good idea as the larger quantity you buy, the lower the price gets. There are many reasons for people to buy flash drives in a bulk quantity:

  • For Backup:

Ever heard someone mention “make sure you backup that backup”? What people mean when they say this is making sure the data you are saving has copies that are saved in more than one place. This ensures that you do not lose your data if, for some reason, a flash drive you have saved your data on gets corrupted or damaged.

  • To Give As Gifts:

Oftentimes, people find themselves in a situation where they have to give a gift to a number of friends or family members, but they can not find a good product to give. These situations are common when trying to arrange party favors or stocking stuffers for your loved ones at Christmas. Gifting your friends and family USB drives can be an amazing option as they are very practical and everyone has a use for them.

  • Promotion Tactic:

Using USB drives as a marketing tool is a very effective and common practice by numerous businesses. Oftentimes, businesses will get customized flash drives with the brand name or logo and give them out for free as a marketing tool. This proves to be extremely effective as unlike the many leaflets that get thrown away minutes after they are received, USB drives serve a purpose to the receiver and thus stay with them for a long time. This develops brand recognition as well as free advertising for the company every time the USB drive is used in front of colleagues or friends by the owner.

  • By Companies for Their Employees

When a workplace is hiring staff, it is their responsibility to provide that individual with all the tools which they require to fulfill their job requirements efficiently. USB drives come under one of the most common and essential tools being used in an office space. Therefore, it is a good idea for a company to make a bulk purchase of flash drives and distribute them to their employees.

  • Colleges and Universities:

Colleges and Universities fall under one of the biggest purchasers of a large number of thumb drives. Many universities provide students with a resource pack of all the equipment they will need for the upcoming semester; flash drives are one of the most important tools in that resource pack. Apart from providing students with the flash drives to make it easy for them to submit assignments, universities also provide flash drives to teachers and other staff members.

  • As Business Meeting Giveaways

Flash drives can be an excellent tool to be used at business meetings. The presenter can upload all data they have gathered for their presentation and hand it out to their clients for them to look into it further. This provides the attendees with a chance to go over your proposal in detail once after the meeting is over and if they have any doubts or have missed the point, their memory can be refreshed.

In Conclusion:

Buying USB drives in bulk is beneficial and does not have a negative side. Even if in the beginning, an individual is left with a few extra flash drives, they will be feeling the need for them soon enough and being thankful for their bulk purchase.