Now Buy iPhone 6s and get Discounts on Apple Watch


If you are planning to buy an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus then you must hurry up as there are discounts on Apple watch. As we all know Apple never offer discounts on its products. We think Apple is now experimenting by giving a discount of $50 on Apple watches if someone purchase iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus.

What you need to know

You must know that these offers are running on a promo basis and only in some stores in California. If you have any doubt on this, then better make a call before making a visit.

This deal is only for the people who are buying iPhone and Apple watch at a time, but not for the people who already own an Apple watch.

This promo discount is running only till 15 November.

Why Apple did this?

This new scheme is applied only to increase the number of customers in Apple’s family. Selling a phone is one thing, but Apple is also earning from iCloud and App sales. If someone has a watch in their wrist then as per Apple that person is a perfect customer for it. In the future, they may launch something related to Apple Watch and earn some extra.

Another thing is that if you got an iPhone and an Apple then in future you can’t change one device at a time. Suppose you want to switch over to Android Watch then you will have to buy an Android Smartphone as well because iPhone won’t support an Android watch. A mere discount of $50 will bring hundreds or even thousands of profit for Apple in the future.

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But who cares for the future, people are buying and enjoying the discounts as of now. Let see what Apple do to their customers in the future.


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