iPad Pro is launched for sale since last week. Many people have got their new device and they have raised the problems over forums. As per many buyers, they have faced a common issue with the new iPad Pro is that the device gets switched off automatically in the middle of charging.

Problems Found in iPad Pro

Ubergizmo found these complaints on Apple’s support community. There are many owners who said in the forum that they plugged in the device for charging and when they came back to the device, they found it dead, the device went completely unresponsive and to bring it back to the life you have to hard reset it, which is frustrating a lot.

Many said this happens just after some minute of charging and many said that this happens after an hour of charging.

iOS 9.2 fix

Switching overcharging doesn’t seem to be a big deal and will make any difference but this can be a software problem then. This theory is further supported by many users. As per them, this issue has been fixed after updating the device to iOS 9.2 beta 3. Many found that this issue has been resolved after updating to beta 3.

What other users say?

As per the other user, switching off the device before night charging and then plug in to charge, it will boot up properly and doesn’t require any hard reset, of course, this is an annoying solution but we think we will hear something official from Apple soon.

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