Bumble BFF Is Revolutionizing the Way


Establishing meaningful friendships can be a challenge for today’s woman. In 2017, more than 30 percent of businesses are owned by women, and almost 47 percent of U.S. workers are women.

The number of women in the workforce has nearly quadrupled since 1950, and women now outnumber men in our nation’s universities.

As a result of all this, women in their 20s are moving to new cities more than ever before, and they are dedicating the majority of their waking hours to the office and the classroom.

With these types of challenges, how is a 21st-century woman supposed to make friends? Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe may have found the solution with Bumble BFF.

What Is Bumble BFF?

Bumble BFF is the latest groundbreaking feature to grace the popular Bumble app. For those who don’t know, Bumble is a dating app similar to Tinder where users swipe right on potential matches and swipe left on people they aren’t interested in. Unlike Tinder, though, Bumble is designed to put women in control.

Male users can only contact matches who message them first, and the company maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy on inappropriate male behaviors like sending unsolicited nude photos.

Whitney Wolfe unveiled the first version of Bumble in 2014, and it was a labor of love that stemmed from her own frustrations in the online dating world. All of Bumbles signature features were designed to address and remedy the rampant problem of male users having the upper hand in online dating.

With Bumble BFF, Wolfe is addressing another all-too-common problem that young women face: the difficulty of making friends in an increasingly disconnected world. As a young entrepreneur who has moved to six different cities since graduating from Southern Methodist University, she knows the struggle all too well.

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After Bumble took off, Wolfe quickly realized that many of the apps female users were making friends in addition to finding dates. In fact, many users were asking to keep their profiles active even after finding love because they had made so many friendly contacts. Upon realizing this, Wolfe got to work on an innovative new feature: Bumble BFF.

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It works exactly like the dating feature (swipe right on potential matches, left on everyone else), but its strictly platonic. It’s designed for women who are looking to meet other women for coffee, clubbing, hiking, bonding, or any other type of adventure.

Bumble BFF is designed with busy millennial women in mind, but all women can find value in it. The app features users from all age groups and with varying interests. It works on any Apple or Android mobile device, and it’s extremely easy to use. That might be why the platform has grown to more than 19 million users.

Using Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF works through the main Bumble app. Just open Bumble, register using your Facebook account (if you haven’t done so already), click the Settings link, and select Bumble BFF.

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Rather than seeing potential dates, you will now see a gallery of women who could become your new BFFs. To make things easier, your screen background turns from the apps traditional yellow to mint green when you are in BFF mode, so you never get confused about what kind of connections you are making.

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The best thing about Bumble is that it fulfills a need that has long been neglected in the social media world. Apps like Facebook and Instagram are great for catching up with old friends and distant relatives, but they are not conducive to making new friends.

With Bumble BFF, Whitney Wolfe has established a social platform that makes it easy for women to find new partners in crime. Based on the apps resounding success, it couldn’t have come at a better time.