Breguet Watches are for Sophistication


One of the main reasons men wear watches is to look elegant and show some sophistication. When you wear a watch, you get that extra respect which you deserve. A man without a watch is not worth more than a man with a watch. When you choose a watch to wear you should take care of its specs. One of the best things that men look for in a watch is history. These watches make you look better and bold. Today you can find the watches which are not just for giving you the time but making you more sophisticated. These watches make you the man you want to be. When people see someone wearing an expensive vintage watch, they look with admiration. Most Swiss watches have a long history of manufacturing elegant watches. One of those Swiss watch company is Breguet.

Breguet watches

Abraham Louis Breguet was the founder of the Breguet watch company. It started in 1775 in France. It is one of the oldest watches in the word. These watches survived the test of time and are still making history. You will be amazed to know that the Abraham who was the founder of this company is the inventor of the world’s first self-winding watch. The history of these watches is very rich. You should also know that the company has a museum of their watches. These showcase the history and how it all began.

Breguet Watches

The Breguet watches are the name of the class. These watches offer quality, robustness, class, style, sophistication, and durability. These watches offer the same quality and features which you will find in some of the most expensive watch brands in the world. Each Breguet has a unique nature. What makes these watches elegant and accurate timekeepers is the Balance spring. The balance spring in a Breguet watch is what makes timekeeping accurate. Later with the evolution of the balance spring, many watch companies use this spring. It is why these watches are more like precision timepieces rather than watches.

Back in 2006, the company’s invention of silicon balance spring came in. Now the watches are even more accurate and offer better quality than the earlier models.  What makes it better is that the magnetic field does not affect it. These watches now give accurate time.

The key feature of a Breguet watch

These watches are special and are elegant. What makes this watch better than many others is the features. These watches have two separate gear trains. These two separate gears are for timekeeping and the chronograph functions. The winding mechanism is great. It has the craftsmanship of two centuries in it. As mentioned earlier it has a unique balance spring. It is a blade spring which you can find in early pocket watches. The purpose of this spring is to generate energy for the chronograph. It helps to reset it to zero.

Types of Breguet watches

If you are looking for a great timepiece or a chronograph, then you should buy one of these watches. Each of these watches has a unique look. You can purchase several types of Breguets.

If you are looking for a world-class chronograph, then you should get hands on the Marine Chronograph 5597. It is a self-winding mechanical watch. It is a durable model. You can buy it in titanium. It makes it more reliable and long-lasting.  It has more than 340 components which make it one of the most accurate watches of all time.

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If you wish to buy a classic Italian style watch, then you should go for Reine de Naples. Unlike other watches, it has an oval shape.  It has an 18K white gold bezel. You also get to enjoy the 128 diamonds which make it rich and adds more class to it. If you need something unique, then you should buy this Breguet watch.


There are so many more models that you can buy. Each Breguet gives you attention to detail. When you wear these watches, you get to be in the past, present and the future. These have the elegance of the past and the looks that you want in the present. Make sure that you buy these watches from the best sellers online.