Bottle that Glow up when your Body needs a sip

HidrateMe is an app that works when connected with the bottle it comes up with. This whole system monitors the level of water in your body with the help of a sensor.So whenever your body needs water, the bottle will glow.

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The system is working exceptionally well. This bottle is connected to an app installed in your smartphone and it will take up the requisite amount of data about you and you are done. Many people tried this and they found it very useful. Whenever we are in the office and under a high pressure of workload, we forget to drink water and this leads to the loss of water in our body which make us feel dizzy by the end of day and cause many other problems of water loss. It does not end up here. the app will show you the history of the days and the amount of water intake you had.

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Start using this small system and this will make your day. It will properly regulate the amount of water intake and will keep you away from the problem of loss of water.


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