BMW Connected App Work as your Personal Assistant


As we all know we are still many years away from real autonomous cars, but this doesn’t mean that your current car cant be smart. BMW connected app has been in the process of development, and it will be in the market soon with the upcoming BMW cars. This app records your habit over time and then it will help you in the future accordingly. This new app is also able to predict the driving conditions and will also be able to show you the directions on which you have to go. This new BMW connected app is discussed at the Microsoft Build Conference on Thursday.

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Is it available for all smartphones?

This new app is made available for Apple phone as of now, but we can soon expect it for Android. This app will also let you know the average or the estimated time travel to your destination as per the traffic conditions and the directions shown on your phone. As you reach the destination, the app will send the directions to your Smartphone and will also let you know the available parking in the area you are in. This app also gets connected to the calendar app on your phone and will show locations for the place you have to go on the date.

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Platform and Future

This app is based on the Microsoft cloud-based Azure platform, and so this app will run smarter and smarter with time. This app is so well built that the more you use this app, the more it will know about you and then it will easily be able to predict the next destination of yours. It will also be able to know your habits as per the saved locations and thus you dont have to enter everything manually.

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What can it do now?

BMW is working towards making it more and more intelligent. Keeping the navigation system aside this BMW Connected app can quickly lock and unlock the doors, it can sound the horn, turn off and ON the lights and also be able to control the AC of the car remotely.


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