Blackmart Alpha – An Alternative App store for Android


Are you an Android phone user? If yes, you may have been using Google Play Store as your primary option for downloading the apps and games on your smartphone. But, Google Play Store has its own limitations in many cases. Some of your favorite apps would only be available as paid options. Moreover, a few apps on your App store may be specific to a particular device and region. What if you want to download the paid apps and games for free? Or download the apps that are locked to a particular region? We have an answer for you. Download Blackmart Alpha today and enjoy the best features of an alternative app store.

Blackmart Alpha – An Overview

Have you heard of Blackmart Alpha? Maybe not. The third-party app store is not as popular as a few of the similar apps in its genre. In fact, it is an app that would let you download an app without the need for a Google account or any registration process as such.

Please note that app store is not much popular, but indeed one of the best options for downloading your favorite apps. However, many Android users warn against using this app store without going through a few precautions. What makes it so risky to use the app effectively for your requirements? We will explain it later in the article.

What are the Features that would make it an Excellent Option?

Well, Blackmart is an excellent third-party app store for your needs. Let us list out a few of them here.

  • Download a wide range of applications and games on your smartphone
  • You would find a host of apps and games you may not find on Play Store
  • It has access to hundreds of paid applications for free
  • The steps involved in downloading an app or game through the Blackmart app is quite simple and easy to follow
  • You do not need to be on any specific version of an Android operating system. It supports all version.
  • The easy to use and simple interface should make it one of the best options for the newbies.
  • You can practically download any number of apps and games through the Blackmart app. There is no restriction on the number of apps you can download.
  • The tool does not need any kind sign-in service.
  • You need not have access to Google account for using the app store.
  • It also has a Custom Search option to find your favorite apps.

Are there any Issues with Blackmart App Store?

Well, the reasons we specify may or may not hold water for you. However, before we can explain the app and its features, it should be practical enough for us to let you understand the issues with the alternative app store on your Android.

  • It is an alternative app store and cannot be found on Google Play Store. In fact, using it may be against the terms and conditions of Google.
  • The app store contains hacked versions of the games, and as such may also have malicious apps>
  • You may not get the actual features available on the original application.
  • The keys and passwords may or may not work with the pirated versions of the apps and games available on play store
  • The apps available on the app store may not work in case of the finance or stock market apps.
  • There can be a few compatibility issues with a few apps downloaded from Blackmart app

Is Blackmart App Store Legal To Use?

Well, technically speaking, using Blackmart would be completely illegal. The app store provides you the apps and games through the APK files extracted from the legal apps. Downloading content from the app store does not contribute anything to the developer of the app. As such, such a practice would amount to piracy and copyright infringement. In fact, in many countries using such an app on your smartphone and downloading content in an illegal manner may invite legal proceedings in most cases.

Blackmart App or any other alternative app stores would offer paid apps and games for free. This would involve circumventing the paywall and thus would be subject to legal issues. Since such an action is a result of hacking or manipulation of the original code of the game or app, it can amount to a violation of data protection or copyright properties – depending upon the laws of the land.

In fact, the perfect query should be whether it is safe to use the app?

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Is it safe to use Blackmart?

Well, in a little way, it may appear safe. However, the practice comes with its own set of risks. The developers need to pour their heart in developing the smartphone apps for you. Making the app a premium one or introducing the in-app purchases should be one of the ways to fulfill their efforts and expenditure incurred. For the enjoyment you gain from the game or the usefulness of an app, don’t you think the developers need to suitably rewarded? Opting for a hacked or maneuvered version of a premium app would indeed be an insult to the efforts poured in by the developers in the app or the game.

From that point of view, we would definitely consider it not the right way to get an app. From the safety point of view, if something serious happens to your phone, or otherwise – you would not be able to blame the developers as the app indeed is a hacked version and may contain malware and any similar issue.

Ensure that you take enough care while handling the apps that you download from Blackmart Alpha or similar other app stores.

The Features That Make Blackmart Alpha Popular App

Being an alternative app store on Android, we assume Balckmart Alpha has all the features that you would expect from such an app. It may be practical enough to list out a few features for a clear understanding of the app store.

  • You can find a host of apps on Blackmart Alpha
  • Get access to practically innumerable number apps – both free and paid.
  • It supports practically all versions of an Android operating system
  • Completely free for any kind of usage. You can have access to all apps for free!

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How to download Blackmart Alpha on Your Android?

Well, as we made it clear through above, you would not be able to download the Blackmart Alpha alternative app store from Google Play Store. The best way to have access to the tool on your Android is to use the APK file for the app store and then install it using it.

You may find the download links for the Blackmart Alpha APK from a host of sources over the internet. Please do ensure that you are downloading the app from reliable sources so that you are not infected with malware. We have provided the download links in a later section of the post. You may either use it or opt for any other source of your preference.
Follow these steps –

  • Download Balckmart Alpha APK from the download link below
  • Save the downloaded APK file at an appropriate location on your phone
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation.
  • Confirm when prompted to continue installation.
  • Wait till installation is completed.

Once the app is installed, launch it and enjoy the host of benefits that it offers you.

If you have not installed any app using APK files before, you may need set it up to enable the Unknown Sources. Here are the steps involved in the process –

  • Go to Settings app on your Android device.
  • Go to Security tab under Settings.
  • Locate the option for Unknown Sources under the Securit tab.
  • Toggle the option for enabling the Unknown Sources app installation.

That should do it. You should now be able to install any app using the APK file of the app. If you have used APK files before for installing the apps, you may skip these steps.

Download Links

Blackmart Alpha official Download Link

The App In A Nutshell

App Name Blackmart Alpha
Developer Blackmart Team
App Size 3.9 MB
Latest Version v0.99.2.81B (992081)
Compatibility Android KitKat and above

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that was all we have with Blackmart Alpha and the features that it supports. Use it to download any number of applications as you would wish to – absolutely free! In fact, the app has garnered a huge support, thanks to the huge number of games that it offers for the gaming fans. Download any premium game or app for free.

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Having said that, it should also be important not to undermine the issues one may face with the unscrupulous sides of the app store. Opting for the hacked games and apps can put your phone and privacy to risk if the apps tend to be hazardous or malicious in any way. Exercise caution and use it with utmost caution. As long as you are careful enough, we are sure you would have any issues plaguing you.