BlackBerry Started Cutting the Jobs

The most famous Canadian Smartphone makers has started cutting the jobs worldwide, the company announced this on Friday because it consolidates the hardware, software and applications business. However, company people did not disclose that how many employees will come in this circle.

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Reportedly, BlackBerry faced a fall of 16.8% in its quarterly revenue in March. BlackBerry has about 6225 employees worldwide. The company has started the reallocation process so that they can grow the opportunities and grow their profitability in all the business segments. On the closing of Friday, the stocks of this company raised to around 62% which is the highest in last 12 months, whereas in U.S stock it is raised to around 44% in the same period.

According to the reports, the Ontario-based company is closing the office and this will lead to a loss of 100+ jobs. As per the company people, BlackBerry is going to launch a new certificate service that will add more security to the smartphones and other devices. Certicom, which is the subsidiary of BlackBerry and a pioneer in curve cryptography, announced that this new service will lead the positive effect on millions of devices.Read Also: Blackmart Alpha

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