Being a Better Blogger in 2018


With over half a billion websites and hundreds of millions of blogs out there, the competition for Web user’s attention is nearly impossible to measure. But suffice it to say, it is extraordinarily intense these days.

So how do you run a better blog site going into 2018? We are glad you asked! Here are six good answers to that very commendable question

Associate your blog with its own app

Invest in constructing a mobile app (or a non-mobile app too for that matter) that complements the content of your blog and enhances its value to your users. To do this, you will need to look into acquiring some basic programming skills or hiring a good programmer. To get an idea of whats involved and what kind of tools you need for the task, read this in-depth article by Stackify on log management.

But from a business perspective, realize that apps get people engaged and you can greatly boost blog site visitation with an associated app.

Focus on content first, then review for SEO and attention-grabbing

With blogs, people are generally looking for content, be it for informational, educational, or entertainment purposes. That means you cant have your blog pages sound like ads. The thing of paramount importance is solid, unique, truly helpful content that people will love to read. Focus on great content first, then review to integrate keywords and write a strategic meta description. The title needs to be something relatively short, to the point, and interesting enough to catch the attention of Web-surfing eyes.

But you can always change the title later or do an A/B test with different titles for the same article. So focus on content first.

Spin your own web on The Web

Networking is a bit like spinning a web around your blog or blog site, sending out your tentacles in every direction, and funneling in visitors who show interest.

Putting links to high-authority sites in your blogs is key to raising their own search results, and getting (buying if necessary) backlinks from popular sites is another path to your blog. But you also need to connect your blog to potential visitors by internal links on your website or to ads you place. And building a following on social media sites and leaving a path to your blog there is also crucial to spinning your own web on The Web.

Feature frequent guest writers

You may opt to keep your blogs written by ghostwriters for the most part but to add variety and personality to your blogs, consider featuring frequent guest writers as well. Let authors leave a profile at the bottom of the page to add credibility and a personal touch.

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Having a rotating guest writer slot in your blog plan lets you continually try out new authors and keep only the best of them. Over time, you get higher quality blogs you can be proud of and your blog visitors can be happy with.

Keep it mobile-friendly

To compete in today’s online environment, you have no choice but to go mobile. Ensure your blogs are easy to read on mobile devices and load quickly on them too. This will reduce your bounce rate and increase your exposure.

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And your website needs to be just as mobile-friendly as the blog site, so users can easily surf from the one to the other. Make the transition seamless and experience hassle-free, and you will eliminate major negative factors that could cripple the popularity of your blog.

Include CTAs and an online payment strategy

Virtually every blog site is ultimately meant to attract customers at some point. Don’t neglect to include a call to action at the end of every blog post that is clear and links back to your service or product pages. Otherwise, your blogging success will be to no avail.


And you need to set up a fast and easy online payment system for potential customers, typically via PayPal for smaller-scale e-commerce sites. Asking your customers to contact you by email or phone is going to drastically reduce your conversion rate.