Best Mobile Games to Test Your Zombie


Best Mobile Games to Test Your Zombie:- Killing zombies is a great way to de-stress and have some apocalyptic fun. From multiplayer zombie shooter games to solo zombie survival adventures, zombie games have earned their place as some of the most thrilling and addicting shooter games.

While I have always been a fan of the Resident Evil series, I really go into it with Call of Duty’s zombie mode. I’ve also really enjoyed other varieties including zombie tower defense games and action-adventure zombie survival games like Dead Nation, The Last of Us and the Walking Dead. So, given that I’ve played quite a few zombie games over the last few years, I thought I would share with you my top 3 favorite zombie games for mobile devices.

Dead Trigger – Vast weapon selection

One of my favorite zombie games on mobile devices is Dead Trigger. I’ve found it to be a really immersive and addicting first person shooter. The game runs really smoothly, and the graphics are really impressive. I also like the variety of sceneries as you travel your way through the city killing every zombie that crosses your path.

Zombie games

I also really like the weapon variety as you can kill zombies with anything from pistols and snipers to explosives, chainsaws, laser amputators, brain mills, and more. Another great thing about it is that you can play offline, so you can continue to kill zombies even if you don’t have an internet connection.

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The only drawback I’ve found is that acquiring more advanced weapons can take a bit of work. Although you have the option to pay for weapons, I didn’t find it to be necessary as you can earn them by simply killing more zombies, which never gets old.

Last Day on Earth – See if you can survive a zombie apocalypse

Another zombie game I really like is Last Day on Earth. What I really like about it is that it is more than just a shooter game. Not only do you have to defend yourself from oncoming zombies by killing them with a variety of weapons, but you also need to collect resources to build your own weapons and transportation.

I also think it is pretty neat that you have to keep an eye on other survival aspects such as your character’s hunger and thirst level. You even get to build and improve your shelter and raise a dog in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. An added bonus I’ve found is that if you advance far enough in the game, you reach an area where you can interact online with other players.

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Last Day on Earth attempts to recreate an apocalyptic scenario as realistically as possible, so expect to work hard to gather resources such as wood and food. You also run the risk of losing resources and items you’ve collected if you die. Although I enjoy the extra challenge, the difficulty of the game might not be for everyone. If you prefer a more traditional zombie shooter, you might prefer my first pick Dead Trigger.

Zombie Highway – How far can you drive before zombies catch you?

My final pick, Zombie Highway, was a surprise find. As I was doing a bit of research for this article, I found a site with a list of the top 10 zombie games. After testing out some of the games, this one was a clear standout. I’ll drop the link below in case you want to check out the full list for yourself.

Best 10 Zombie Themed Games

Zombie Highway is a different type of zombie game compared to my other two picks. Rather than walking through a zombie-infested world, gun in hand, this game puts you behind the wheel as you race your way past zombies that attempt to stop you in your path. It may sound pretty simple, but I’ve got to say that I found it to be quite challenging and entertaining.

I noticed that some users have reported issues with the game crashing after the latest update. Thankfully, it appears to be pretty rare. I personally didn’t run into this issue. Apparently, a way to fix the issue is to clear the app cache and restart it. Hopefully, the developers will release a permanent fix soon.

If you are into the topic of zombies and want to have a good laugh, check out this article to find out how soon you would die in case of a real zombie attack!

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So, these are my top 3 favorite zombie games on mobile devices. They all have very different styles of gameplay, so depending if you like shooters, adventure games or driving games, you might prefer one over the other. My personal favorite is Dead Trigger as I love a good old zombie shooter game. What about you? Let me know in the comments what your favorite zombie games are!