Best Xposed Modules For Rooted Android Devices


It seems like, you are confused about what to do after rooting? If you are not sure of what to do next and not willing to install any custom ROM, Xposed is the best answer. The best part with Xposed Installer is it will not need you to install any custom ROM, and yet customize your phone. Xposed works on the principle of modules. The Best Xposed Modules are smaller applications that help you make system-level changes. Unlike custom ROMs, you can undo the changes just by removing the module.

Here goes the truth, the Android operating system is open source and offers a whole lot of customization features. However, most of these customization options are meant for the manufacturers. The end-user is left with a petite to change within the system. That will not be the case if you are a tech geek. Rooting your Android offers you a good deal of customization.

So in this article, we list the best Xposed Modules for your reference in this post.

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Best Xposed Module


Xposed is available for all Android devices above Android 4.1. However, you may need to check if a particular module works on Android Marshmallow. The Xposed modules are safer than installing custom ROMs. They function without any need to touch the system files. If you find a module is interfering with any function of your device, you can easily disable it, or even remove it without affecting any of your original files.

Here are some of the top-rated Xposed modules for your Android. We have taken care to compile the modules that work across different devices.

#1. Amplify

If you are worried about the battery drain on your phone, Amplify can be your best choice. With the latest iterations of Android operating systems blamed for battery drains, Amplify can be the best solution for your requirements.

The module works by preventing the wake locks that your apps may force on your device. No apps will wake your phone from deep sleep unless you have set it according to your preferences. We would recommend using it with another handy app that helps you manage RAM and battery  Greenify.

#2. YouTube AdAway

This is an Xposed Module that would help you get rid of YouTube ads. The module supports all your YouTube services. You can use it on YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube TV.

Seems like this module has been considered to be one of the best modules available for Android Marshmallow. The module can remove the channel name/logo and information cards. You can also use it to get rid of video suggestions and all the ads you would find in a YouTube video.

You can just install an Xposed installer on your phone and search for the YouTube AdAway module. The module can also remove the region restrictions on your YouTube app.

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#3. Gravity Box

Gravity Box is the final module you can ever lay your hands on if you actually want to customize your device. There is probably nothing left out from modding with this module.

Gravity Box leaves nothing out of bounds as long as your plans to customize your smartphone. You can add additional functionality to your keys. Then you can add hardware key actions, and power tweaks. You can, in fact, inject code into any app and customize it to your liking.

As a result best module can be used to change icons for various applications and built-in features. It will help make your device completely personal with Kernel level changes.

#4. WhatsApp Extensions

Almost everyone uses WhatsApp. The application has been a great instant messenger with an excellent user base. However, you face many unwanted messages and callers as well. How to get rid of these people?

Well, Xposed comes to your rescue. WhatsApp, before being acquired by Facebook, had it as the built-in feature. Later on, Facebook banned the feature. WhatsApp Extensions is an excellent Xposed module that lets you customize the well known instant messenger. You can customize several settings like hiding the last seen status, zooming the profile photo, hiding read receipts, and hiding delivery reports.

#5. XPrivacy

Well, XPrivacy is essentially a module meant for controlling the permissions your apps have access to and tweak them. In fact, until, a more robust permission manager has been introduced with Android Marshmallow, XPrivacy had been the best choice to have control over what your apps have access to.

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Android Marshmallow, and later Android Nougat have changed it all with their dedicated permissions manager. However, the XPrivacy module still serves its purpose. Also, there are certain permissions that default provides an app even by your Android Marshmallow or Nougat devices. You can control even those permissions with XPrivacy Xposed Module.

The module can be much helpful in making your data secure and safer. You would be able to control which app you want to have access to your data.

The Concluding Thoughts

Consequently, every one of us has his or her preferences. The list above may not appeal to everyone. We have made an attempt at including the apps that would be acceptable across genres. In fact, Xposed Modules have a wider scope and functionality. Right from boosting the look and appearance of your smartphone to adding more functionality, we have a good deal of Modules available.

You can search for the modules available for your particular device by looking under the modules section of your Xposed app. As the Xposed modules do not need any custom ROM, they are the best ones you can use on any rooted Android device. They offer you the same kind of functionality that you would get from custom ROM.

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How would you rate the modules featured in this post? Do let us know your views and opinions? We would be glad to know your preferences. Do let us know if you have any better preferences as long as the good Xposed Modules are concerned.


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