Best Xbox Games that Will Blow You


Xbox games are one of the most playing games. Many people love to play games on PC but, the fact is that Xbox provides the best experience of gaming. There are 900+ games available for Xbox and so one can choose many among these. We have prepared a list of games that you can play and enjoy.


This is the most amazing and most popular games. You will find many new updates in this new GTA V. This new version has three characters out of which you can choose the one.

Halo 3

This is yet another game that is available to play on Xbox. This game allows 4 players to play online and it has a robust map editor. This game provides an HD display of 1080P.

Gears of War 4

Gears of War which is both brutal and deeply emotional. It contains a variety of awesome environment and views. It also provides multiplayer modes. The difficulty level increases at you reach a higher level.

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Red Dead Redemption

This game is brought to us by Rockstar who is also the developer of most famous GTA series. This game will give you memorable characters and remarkable activities that you will enjoy the most.

Forza Motorsport 6

Forza is the best racing game you can try. It’s basically a motorsport game which is developed only to play over Xbox. You will find a few race types but whatever included is top-notch.

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