Best VPN for Gaming: Threats of Gaming Online


There are several threats that you are exposed to when you surf the internet. These threats double when you become part of the online gaming community. However, it is in your hands to protect your personal information to surf and game securely, and there is one option that can solve this, VPNs.

VPNs, more commonly referred to as Virtual Private Networks, are a private and safe network through which you can game, browse, and even watch restricted content without risking your privacy. VPNs work by assigning you an IP address according to the region you’ve selected. This IP address masks your original IP address allowing you to use the internet entirely incognito. To know more about the threats of online gaming, continue reading, and for further details about the best gaming VPNs, visit

  • Trolling

Trolling is an internet slang term that refers to an individual who purposefully instigates hostility and arguments between fellow players. The primary purpose of trolling is to feed on human emotions during gaming. During online gaming, it is not an unknown fact that things often get heated. It is during these moments that trolls use derogatory and swear words against fellow teammates either through text or voice chat. The best course of action to take with trolls is to mute, block, and report them.

  • Bullying

Cyber-bullying is a real thing, so much so that there are cyber-bullying helplines to cope with it. The anonymity online platform offers to allow these harassers a channel to frequently engage in causing harm to fellow players and covering it by saying, “it’s just a game.”

  • Phishing 

Phishing is a type of cybercrime that involves the act of fraudulently gaining personal information such as card details and bank passwords by giving out links to fake websites mimicking to be original. In online gaming, most times, attackers will build a fake replica of the genuine site and send you a link to redeem a gift card or something of that sort. Once you click on the link, your personal information is put at risk. To secure yourself from Phishing attacks, avoid clicking on links that seem suspicious or too good to be true.

  • Malware

Sometimes users wish to game on the go, and mobile data packages do not provide a stable enough internet connection. During such instances, public Wi-Fi is the go-to alternative, even when considering the threats of using public Wi-Fi. However, public networks are more prone to malware attacks. This malicious software is coded to cause damage to data and gain unauthorized access to any device connected to the network through this software.

  • Swatting

One of the scariest threats of online gaming is having a swat team knocking at your door or knocking your door down. During online multiplayer gaming sessions, often, players who get involved in a heated argument sometimes end up going to extremes. This includes stalking down fellow teammates’ IP addresses and calling on a swat team to their residential address. Swatting is a form of harassment that has sometimes proven to be deadly. Use a VIP to mask your IP address to avoid going through such a situation.


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