Top 5 best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for iOS and Android


Virtual Girlfriend apps have long existed in fantasy films and sci-fi films so far. However, the technological advancements have brought this imagination into reality. There are several virtual girlfriend apps for iOS and Android that have gone quite popular.

We will list out the best virtual girlfriend apps for your iOS and Android smartphones. Are you looking for a girlfriend online? Here we go with our top picks.

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps For Android and iOS

virtual girlfriend apps
As we said before, there is practically a huge number of Virtual Girlfriend Apps for smartphones. We have picked a handful of them based on their functionality and performance. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

My Virtual Girlfriend FREE

My Virtual Girlfriend FREE is an adult girlfriend app and has a flirty relationship tone attached to it. The app has over 100 unique and beautiful girls.

virtual girlfriend app

You only need to choose the characteristics you would want in your Virtual girlfriend game and then choose the girlfriend among those available in the game. Alter the physical looks like hair, face, or even her name. Once you have finalized your girlfriend, you can begin to have your virtual girlfriend games online.

You can now begin having communication with her. Go to a cinema or even play a game of mini-golf. She will tell you jokes. She responds to your touches. But, ensure you are not into indecent touching. This will make her angry.

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You can even present her with gifts and she will wear them for you. This Virtual Girlfriend Simulator app has several levels and the communication gets more and more intimate. Get it for Android or iOS.

Virtual Girlfriend Momoda

The virtual girlfriend app is safe and offers you a good company. This interactive virtual girlfriend is available in a 3D stereophonic and performs in an interesting way.

Your virtual girl for mobile is in a way a supermodel in her own right. You can have an interesting communication with her. This a 3D model and offers herself in 360-degree looks. You can do pretty much anything with your virtual girlfriend. Talk to her. crack jokes with her, touch her, play with her, or even dance with her. You can change her clothes, shoes, hair, and hats as per your liking.
The app is available only for iOS.

My Virtual Manga Girl

This is yet another app for finding an online girlfriend. As the name itself indicates this is your girlfriend in Manga style.
Virtual girlfriend app

This is an anime-styled Virtual Girlfriend game. Instead of spending time with your girlfriend on your terms, you are expected to pamper her. She loves wearing new and stylish clothes and tasty meals. The app has a 3D appearance with 360 degrees enjoying almost all positions. The music is great. Virtual Manga Girl has a host of mini-games that help you stay tuned to your virtual girlfriend.

You can set your Manga girlfriend as wallpaper. You can also capture her on-screen and share her picture with your friends online. Here is one of the best 3D animated virtual girlfriend to hang out with.
The app is available on Android and iOS.

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

The best virtual girlfriend app lets you communicate with your girlfriend and pamper her just like you would do with your real girlfriend. It is essentially a chatting app, and you can chat your day away with your Virtual girlfriend Julie.

She does come with a host of real like feelings. She does have a real voice and the app comes with 3D animation. Julie can show up different feelings like anger and happiness. You can teach her a few lessons and make her more intelligent. In fact, you can create your own girlfriend Julie with ease.

Apart from chatting through text, the app also offers you a voice-based chatting option as well. Your virtual girlfriend can talk with you on different topics. You can get this Virtual Girlfriend game on your Android device.

VIGAR Virtual Girlfriend

The Virtual babes game teaches you how to fall in love. Well, not really – isn’t it? It is all about having fun with girls.

Find a girlfriend who meets your expectations. You are presented with a practically impressive list of girlfriends online. You can choose the one you like the most. If you are not happy with the girls presented through the list, you can create your own customized virtual girlfriend.

The app lets you take snaps of your virtual girlfriend and share these snaps with your friends. You can communicate with the girl as you would with your real girl. Hangout with her, take care of her, and pamper her to your heart’s content.

And yes, we forgot to mention that you need to be over 18 years of age for being able to use this app.VIGAR Virtual Girlfriend app is available for Android on Play Store.

Final Countdown

Virtual girlfriend games have their own unique place. If you are someone away from home, you are alone and maybe yearning for attention and companionship. A Virtual Girlfriend app is something you definitely give a try. Dating sites and virtual girlfriend apps are something that would help in letting you develop a personal life.

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Have you used any of these Virtual Girlfriend apps in your day to day life? If you have, do share your views and opinions about them with us. If you think we have missed any of the apps that deserve to be in the toppers list, do share them as well. Do opt for your favorite Virtual Girlfriend app and enjoy yourself.