Best Terrarium TV Alternatives 2020


 Terrarium TV Alternatives: Terrarium TV is a movie and TV show streaming paid service for Android-powered smartphones. It is very famous due to the streaming ability it used to provides if compared to other video streaming services. What made it a huge hit, is the support for other Android-powered devices like Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, Android Box, native android supporting TV itself.

It allowed users to stream in 4K, 1080p, and 720p HD and few other resolutions as they needed at a mere amount of price which was considered negligible.

How does Terrarium TV Works?

These movie or tv show streaming apps get their videos from torrents and streams. Most of these apps support Android TV as they are Android apps and few aren’t. In such cases, we can use Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, Fire TV 4k, Chromecast, and such devices.

Terrarium was using a different method to show the videos, unlike other apps at the time when Popcorn Time was a huge success. Terrarium tried to grab links to the videos which user search and displays them directly. Unlike other apps including Popcorn Time, they used to provide torrent links or stream from the torrents itself.

Why Terrarium TV Is Now Closed/Dead?

It all came to an end on September 11, 2018, the developer of the app himself has declared that he will be shutting down the service and then the app will be no longer be able to open. The app entangled into a judiciary case where it was accused of letting the users to stream copyrighted movies, tv shows.

But the actual mechanism was bit different, as everybody knows Terrarium TV app works by just collecting the video links and lets the users play from the source directly. Though the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and the Hollywood cracked down on the app accusing it of illegal usage making the developer to force shutdown whole service.

Why Do We Need Alternative Apps Like Terrarium TV?

Pirated content and its origination is a long long story. Should we use apps like terrarium? Depends on you at any point of time. Let’s say you have missed a movie or tv show which have just released a while ago, and you have no access to watch them, your only destination would be apps like terrarium tv. It does serve the purpose of watching the content, but most of them are working illegally which needs to be noted.

So why do we need alternatives apps for terrarium tv? Just to put it straight, we need them to watch older movies and tv shows which is hard to find online without fees attached to the source.

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives | Apps Like Terrarium TV

  1. Cinema HD or HDMovies New
  2. TVZion
  3. Kodi
  4. Streamio
  5. BeeTV Movies

1. Cinema HD or HDMoview (New)

Cinema HD Apk Like Terrarium TV

Cinema HD or HDMovies (New) is the best alternative that is actually doing better than the TTV (Terrarium TV). HDMovies or Cinema HD gets updates very frequently as the developers are working on it depending on the donations.

With HDMovies installed you can download movies, shows and watch them later directly from the storage. The downloaded shows can also be played on external players like VLC Player or MX Player. The developer even have provided support for which is an app used to track the shows and lets you resume from where you have stopped watching.

Cinema HD provides thousands of movies and shows just at a search, even supports real-debrid which is a real deal. The movies and stream do support live subtitles, with resolution upto 4k which is dependent on the source of the video. And with seriesguide, you can read the synopsis of a tv show easily.

2. TVZion

TVZion App Like Terrarium TV

TVZion is an another best example as a replacement for TTV (Terrarium TV). These are not terrarium tv clones like the TTV balton mod. Zion works similar to that of all other cached or uncached torrent streaming apps. TVZion provides free access, but it provides better quality and content for its paid plan members under the name of Zion Club.

It has better UI than Cinema HD or HDMoview New, control over voice, divided everything into categories of tiles. It is successfully providing great streaming experience with support upto 4K. TVZion even provides support to, Premiumize, and Real-Debrid. With cache torrenting, advanced filters to select the links with the choice over bitrate, resolution, file size TVZion Zion Club Membership providing value for the buck.

3. Kodi

Kodi App Like Terrarium TV

Kodi is not a direct streaming service provider, unlike terrarium tv. It is actually a media player with a huge catalog of add-ons support with which the content is streamlined. It lets the user download and customizes the entire dashboard view section with the categories and shows as the way user likes.

The best thing about kodi is its free for all and doesn’t have any advertisements, with an app store for addons lets you have a wide variety of choice over the entertainment you need. You have full control over the addons, track the shows with full integration of addon, watch your favorite movies and tv shows without any interference and payments.

Kodi has add-ons for movies such as Exodus, add-ons for tv shows such as cCloud, add-ons for streaming live tv such as Mobdro. All you need with Kodi is a good premium VPN plan running to ensure you from the tracking from ISP’s.

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4. Streamio

Streamio App Like Terrarium TV

Streamio is more of a media player than the kodi media-centric ecosystem. The developer focused on rich media content delivery to the users in variable filters added right into the dashboard. It supports only HD content or above than that, and there are only a few add-ons to worry about.

On the board, you get to see a huge collection of movies to stream without any buffering, a calendar which gets updated with upcoming shows and also marks its timing. Stremio supports watch and resume for all of its content.

Advance filtering feature lets you to search content with greater search capabilities and finding a movie or show that is so unpopular but yet amuses, you can stream the content directly from popular providers like youtube, Netflix, Amazon and many more.

5. BeeTV Movies

BeeTV Movies App Like Terrarium TV

BeeTV Movies is the best suggestion to go for if you are finding to watch open licensed and non-copyrighted video materials online. It just scrapes links from most of the popular hosted sites and even torrents in case if needed.

The scraped links will stream directly from the dashboard where you can track your older videos and resume them easily, check for any new HD releases. Download any movie or show and see them under collection. BeeTV doesn’t show any advertisements, and it is completely free.

What makes it special, is the support for add-ons like Real-Debrid, external media players and downloaders and integration with makes it your best destination to stream movie and tv shows. Only drawbacks are no support for live streaming and casting feature.

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Safety While Streaming

We suggest you use these apps with utmost safety. Most of the ISP’s these days to track and sell your browsing data. Which makes it easier for organizations to take actions on the user in very bad situations. We recommend you to follow these steps if you’re streaming movie and videos through apps like Terrarium Tv.

  1. Before downloading the apk file do cross check if the site looks genuine.
  2. Scan the apk for viruses or malware at or at or at
  3. This is a very important one, ensure that you have an active installed VPN app running in the background.

The reason why we suggest the above steps to make sure that you are using a verified app or mod and also not letting the ISP to track your streaming data. And also previously it has been verified by the online communities that some of these modded app’s have mined crypto which uses your hardware at its max and resulting in its shelf period.

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Conclusion On Terrarium Tv Alternatives.

No matter which app you are using and experimenting with, almost all of the apps have few drawbacks and bugs. And almost all of the apps won’t be able to provide the guarantee of permanent access, there are risks always with these apps. These apps as soon get into the limelight and if are seen by the big organizations gets into legalities and indeed gets taken down.

It is the ISP who tracks the data and shares with those organizations in general. It is always suggested to have safe browsing with a premium VPN installed prior to the usage of these apps.