4 best software your phone must have


If you always forgot where you put your cell phone and found difficulty in finding the cell phone, here is the solution. There are different software that can help you in finding your mobile phone for free. Even if your mobile phone is stolen through this software, you can track a cell phone location for free.

For this, you just have to download the software and can easily track a cell phone’s exact location without paying a single penny The 4 best software for tracing the cell phone location for free are discussed under:

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The spyzie is software with excellent technology of phone tracking and has other monitoring features. It can be installed on android phones and iOS. It easily tracks the exact location of your phone by using the mobile’s GPS navigation system. When your mobile is lost, this app also gives you access to monitor all the messages that are received and sent form the phone.

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This important feature also helps you to know where your mobile is and you can also recognize the thief and can catch him. The positives of this software are given below.

  • The GPS tracking system of this tool is extremely accurate and perfect. 
  • GPS navigation, it will also give you access to see where the mobile has moved during the missing time of the phone. 
  • Through an internet connection, you can view the data on your missing phone. 

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Where’s My Droid

The software named where’s my Droid is developed by the Alienman Technologies LLC. This software is basically developed for Android devices. It helps you to find your phone instantly after locating its location by using the GPS navigation process. There are some positive points and features of this software that are given below:

  • It instantly locates the phone by using the GPS system of your Android phone.
  • It connects to a commander option. Through this, you can easily command and control your phone when it is misplaced. 
  • Another best feature of this software is that by using the phone’s camera it can take the picture of the thief. 
  • You can also delete the data and pictures of the mobile by using its pro-version. 
  • It consumes less battery.

Find my Device

It is also another software to track the location of your phone. It tracks the location by using the GPS navigation system of your Android. Through this, you can monitor the messages when your phone is away and can also erase and lock the information.


This is also software available in Android phones to locate your missing or stolen phone. It also gives you access to view where your phone has been moved in the missing time period. You can also connect your phone with the Apple Watch through this software. It can also be connected with the windows and iOS. This software runs in the background and uses your phone’s battery a lot. One more disadvantage of this software is that it stops working and hang your phone quite often. 

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