Best Selfie App Frontback is Back Again


One of the best selfie app fronts back is going through an emotional rollercoaster for some days. They announced some days back that they are shutting down on 15 Aug but, suddenly something unexpected happened and now the new team will take up Frontback and the services will be continued even after 15 Aug.

As per the Co-Founder of the selfie app “FrontBack” Frederic Della, we are very happy that we found a solution to the problems we are going through and so we will continue FrontBack service.

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Just after the announcement of Frontback shutting down the anonymous partner negotiated with the team of Frontback and they took up the product. The team of Frontback will help them run the service.

Because of the terms and conditions, FrontBack is not disclosing the identity of this new partner but the new team will introduce itself in the coming weeks.

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As we all know selfie is the most common thing that we do when we met someone, when we go to any new place, or when we met with some celebrity. Most of the smartphone companies are providing front cameras with the best features so that they give the best selfie but feedback is one of the best. you can even edit the images to some extent. but since everyone wants to keep their smartphone light and zippy. no one downloads any external app when an app is already provided to do some task. having a lot of app in the phone increase the load and that load reduces the battery and even the performance.

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this may be the reason why front back was shutting down. but since it is back, let’s see what new we can see from them.


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