Top 10 Best Free Screen Recording Software For Windows


Best Free Screen Recording Software for Windows:- Hey there users, how is it going so far. Today’s topic is for the readers who intend to screen record or screencast their desktops. In the list of Top 10 Best Free Screen Recording Software For Windows, I’ll be talking about the attributes and the positives and negatives of these tolls in. There are many uses of these screen recorders and mostly for professionals.

Some prefer to use these applications to record game screens and put it on youtube; just for some tutorials for learners and geeks. If you are also one of such, then these applications will definitely be worth your reads and look. Some vendors provide these softwares in paid as well as free versions. Let us check out some that are free and can get you done the job for whatever your purpose is. Read Also :- Best Screen Recorder for Android

Top 10 Best Free Screen Recording Software For Windows



We are talking about free software, so let’s start with free ones, shall we? Topping the list is EZVID, available free at the official website. Record your screen, edit your video, and upload it on Youtube. The best part is, users can save their efforts of having another one video editor separately. All that you need is EZVID. Once you reach its official website, you’ll be provided a user video wiki to help you get on your own.



Another free to download and use software is Webinaria that can be easily customizable at the user’s end. It is the first software of its kind that enables users to manage the source code and adjust the settings as they like. But, you should be having that much grasp obviously. Using Webinaria, users can add text slides to the video and while recording the voice overs easily. Users must also be prompt if they prefer to use English, apparently, they won’t get enough help on the website. For stuff like tutorials and tips, it is likely to be collected at someplace else.

Icecream Recorder

icecream recorder

Icecream Recorder is also open source software available at your humble service. The Ice Cream Apps developer team has kept the tremendous work for both the android and desktop users. From the earlier versions of Windows to the ones dominating the world of Operating Systems now; it is receiving appreciation and has been recording your screens for a while now. Many of functional support options are given to the users such as taking a screenshot, adding Watermarks, hotkeys support, and while recording, you get to adjust the quality of audio and video easily.

Active Presenter

atomi systems

This software is developed by Atomi Systems team providing a higher level of interactivity and sharing. If you want to go creative, I’d suggest you vouch on this one. Fully equipped editing interface, support for the latest HTML5 and interlinking with Learning Management System are the best you can get from it. It can also be downloaded free from the internet.

Open Broadcaster Software

open broadcast

OBS is also the one that comes free of any charge. You can record any sort of video or game recording with it. It gets you the best customizable controls so you can set your start and stop limits. After recording your stuff just put it on twitch with a directly enabled support. Hotkeys, Voice Recording, are the most liked features so far. It has two releases in the market named classic and the latest one called Open Broadcaster Software Studio. If you face any kind of problem or need a hand to learn, just switch to the website forum.


It’s a creation of TechSmith development team that has been so far so good. Equipped with the basic functional and operational tools, the team has done a commendable job by providing users what they need. Jing is absolutely free to end-users to make a good use of screen capturing skills. For naïve users and light projects, it is the best one to rely on. Capture, record and share your videos and stuff easily through Jing. Resembling with Snagit, it just hands you the hotkeys, to carry on with your work with ease.



Looking for a light, simple, and interactive application? Go for Bandicam which gives exactly what you are here for. It is free to use program that powers your skills without having you a worry about the money thing. You can record some specifically marked areas of your choice with a customizable control. If you are willing to add some additional effects to your video just to add some perfect finishing, like I said earlier, it would be the best one you can have for free.

Rylstim Screen Recorder

rylstim screen recorder

Just like Bandicam, Rylstim team gives you access to the freely available application and custom controls. Besides the basic management tools, you can set different frame rate, codec controls, and all the necessarily required capabilities to the first time users. You just have got to work with it simply, no extra or complicated process to be a professional. Moreover, it has a mobile version available in the market for assisting the android and Tablet users worldwide.

Free Screen Video Recorder

free screen video recorder

DVDVideoSoft team has built a successful version of Free Screen Video Recorder, yeah a free version. A speech enabled tool, all of its first kind. You can not only capture one window at once but also, can do the multitasking stuff in this business. The basic capturing and editing tools are its specialties. It comes with mouse-enabled tracking and a support to multiple files types. The autorun feature is also a built-in one that starts over as soon as you install it and run your PC. I would say it is worth a try


MangoApps have put in their efforts in their latest program TinyTake to help you screen-record your data. Simplest features have been lined up in this small sized, business-friendly tool that so far, keeps its name among the top ten. Maximum video length that can be recorded using it is of 120 minutes.  It can also do the job accessing your webcam besides keeping your images and shoots in well standard formats. Uplink your media stuff through TinyTake with an ease as it also is capable of lending you a healthy hand.

This was my take on these Top 10 Best Free Screen Recording Software For Windows. I bet you should try them, not all of them, but the ones that drag your attention. Hope, this was some help to you. I’ll be providing you some more stuff so, keep letting me know how you like the information that I render here. See you all soon, Cheerio.


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