10 Best Proof Reading Apps of 2019 for iPhone and Android


Do you have the nag for writing but lack in sentence structure and grammar? Then you should not worry as we bring you here the top 10 proofreading apps of 2019 for iPhone and Android which will enable you to write in perfect English without basic grammatical errors. These apps not just check the grammar, also sentence structure as well as spellings.

  1. Editor proofreading and editing (Download here for iPhone)

If you are searching for the best proofreading apps for iPhone 2019, then Editor is the one on which I can bet my experience. This app will check the sentence structure, spelling, and grammar errors. You can choose the suggested corrections as per your requirement and apply them as and when needed in the content. Even this app will suggest your writing style to make your content look more refined.

  1. Grammarly Keyboard- Type with confidence (Download here for Android)

There are many proofreading apps for Android, but when it comes to finding the best, then nothing can beat “Grammarly.” This app will offer you error-free and confident as well as polished and professional writing skills. With easy integration, you can easily access hundreds of its features and checks. It has the Chrome extension, Android application as well as desktop version (or cloud-based version). Whether you are drafting a formal email or writing a blog/article/press release or sending a critical LinkedIn message, Grammarly will assist you with all types of content.

Even from your phone, you can write with confidence. You can also access its advanced punctuation correction and vocabulary enhancement feature which is rare to find in any other proofreading app at this level.

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Anytime and anywhere you can work with this app as its keyboard is easy to use. As and when required you can accept the suggested changes after careful review, moreover, learn the explanations for better understanding. You can quickly improve your skills by understanding the sentence structure and generic grammatical errors.

  1. NOUNPLUS’ English Grammar spell checker (Download here for Android)

You can quickly check your English grammar with this Android app. Just download this app and check your grammar right now. Whether you are writing an essay for your schoolwork or a web page for your new website, or a blog/article this app will help you check all sentence structure and grammatical errors, so you write in perfect English for all sorts of content. Review your sentences and spellings and correct them instantaneously.

  1. Speller- Spell Checker (Download here for iPhone)

This is a new proofreading app for iPhone that not just check spellings of English language also correct the Spanish words. If you have any misspelled word in your writing, the app will provide you with suggestions – review the suggested changes and fix them as per your requirement. This app will check your web pages or blogs or letter in a matter of minutes and tell all your grammatical errors.

  1. eAngel Proofreading (Download here for Android)

If you are looking for professional linguistic service, then eAngel is the right choice which performs correction and verification of texts in a foreign language. This app also tends to work as a personal assistant which will review your text, correct the mistakes, and send it to give address. The app uses European English, however, also performs proofreading of other languages including, Hebrew, Spanish, German, and French. In a few minutes, it will check your web pages or blogs or articles and tell you all your grammatical errors.

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This app has proven to be a useful tool of communication for many users especially for business correspondence and personal email. If you know someone who is suffering from some visual impairment or dyslexia like condition, then this app can help them. Even it is often used by business persons who tend to deal with foreign nationals and need professional linguistic to communicate effectively.

  1. Ginger Page (Download here for Android)

This app offers you the convenience of creating high-quality text more quickly using free ginger keyboard application on a mobile device. This app will enable users to get all the required competencies and quick-expression of his thoughts. Along with the writing, you will get the proofreading feature simultaneously in your text. It will quickly check your book as well as offer you various read-made themes, a variety of designs as well as many emoticons to support your writing.

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It will assist you in correcting all your punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors. It supports more than forty languages and will also create a dictionary.

  1. Proofread Bot Grammar Checker (Download here for Android)

This app will not only check the spelling, stylistic errors, also take care of grammatical errors which will improve your writing. It is admired for its fantastic proofreading feature. In this app, you will also get auto-generated textual reports and a visual text editing interface for your convenience. You can also see the readability scores in your written reports.

  1. Grammar checker by Content Arcade apps (Download here for Android)

This application offers you seamless integration that enables you to write mistake-free with hundreds of features and checks to provide you flawless writing. This app also gives you the functionality of contextual punctuation correction and sophisticated grammar checker.

  1. Grammar checker by ZaneX Technologies (Download here for Android)

If you are looking for ways to write comprehensive text, then this is another app which you can explore. Whether it is about writing an article or blog or maybe a school essay, this app will assist you with grammatical errors and correct them. Hence, allow you to write in perfect English.

  1. WhiteSmoke Writing assistant (Download here for Android)

If you are looking for error-free writing, then this is the app you should take into account to improve your writing skills. It is common for many people to make frequent and very generic grammatical and sentence structure errors, however, with the use of the app one can easily avoid such mistakes and write perfect English without much hassle.

This app will check your sentence structure, spelling, and grammar. You are free to select the suggested edits and apply them in your content to make it more polished and professional.

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Final Words

These are some of the best proofreading apps of 2019 for iPhone and Android which will enable you to write your content to be it a blog or article or press release or any LinkedIn message without any grammatical or spelling errors. Kindly like and share the blog if you find it useful and do not forget to drop your comment below stating your reviews about these apps.